Canine Behavior Counseling Presents:


Apprentice Trainer/Behavior Counselor Program

One apprentice's experience

Description of Program:

This program is designed to educate future dog trainers and behavior consultants in various aspects of training and behavior modification. A variety of training techniques and supportive methodologies will be utilized and explained. Upon completion, the student will be familiar with a wide range of techniques, supportive methodologies, and legal/ethical considerations.

Application Requirements

  • Completed written target application including $25 fee (refunded only if application not accepted)
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Signed Medical release and copy of medical insurance information
  • Signed Conduct Agreement
  • Payment in Full $400 (includes $25 application fee)

Apprenticeship Program Requirements

Completion of coursework (20 hours)

  • Learning Theory - 5 hours
  • Speaking Dog - 2 hours
  • Therapy and Service Dogs - 2 hours
  • Inter-Dog Relationships - 2 hours
  • Professional Ethics -2 hours
  • Aggressive Dog - 3 hours
  • Separation Anxiety - 2 hours
  • Animal Restraint - 2 hours
  • Note: Credit will be given for classes taken elsewhere if final exam completed with a 80%

Satisfactory Completion of Hands-on Experience (45 hours)

  • Therapy Dog - 5 hours (includes Therapy Dog Academy)
  • Obedience Class - 16 hours (includes Canine Basics, Good Manners, Canine Socialization and Off leash)
  • Private Obedeince - min 3 hours (2 -90 minutes sessions)
  • Anxiety, Fears and Phobias - 6 hours (4-90 minute sessions)
  • Aggression - 9 hours (4-90 minute sessions) plus 2 court evaluations
  • Choice (Students choice or area needs more work in) - 6 hours

Total program hours= 65

Note: all hours must be completed within 1 calendar year of acceptance of application.

Grade of at least 80% on final written/verbal exam at end of each class, and comprehensive program exam. For any class in which an 80% is not achieved on the exam, the class must be retaken at additional cost. If less than 80% on the comprehensive final, which classes and hands on hours need to be repeated (at additional cost) will be determined.

Upon successful completion you will receive:

  • Certificate of completion
  • Letter of recommendation/reference
  • Option of being added on Canine Behavior Counseling list of approved contractors.
    (Note: You must meet state requirements as an Independent contractor.)


For more information, please contact

Canine Behavior Counseling
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