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Classes for 2018 (January-June)

All classes currently held at Canine/Feline Behavior Counseling, 11652 East Ada Place, Aurora CO 80012

**Note: Other class times and locations be scheduled upon request

star puppy

American Kennel Club Star Puppy-

6 week class. $120 per dog-covers basic commands, puppy training issues and socialization. Open to dogs 8 weeks
to 12 months.

If you cannot attend 6 classes, you may register for individual classes at $25 per class.

Note: Puppies must attend 6 classes to obtain the AKC Star Puppy designation.


6 Saturdays January 6-Saturday, February 10th, 10-11 am. Makeup class Sunday, February 4th, 1-2pm

6 Sundays, March 4th-April 15th (no class, April 1). Makeup class, Saturday, April 14th 11am-12noon.

6 Saturdays, April 21st-May26th 10-11am. Makeup class, Sunday, May 20h 1-2pm

therapy dog class

Pet Therapy Academy:

A four week course to acclimate the sounds, reactions, and situations that pet therapy team may encounter during a pet therapy visit. $80 per animal/handler. All species are welcome.

Note: This class is not required for registration with any organization.


4 Saturdays, February 3rd -February 24th, 11am-12 noon. 1 Saturday, February 24th 930-1030am. Makeup class Sunday February 18th , 1-2pm

4 Saturdays, March 31st-April 21st, 930-1030am. Makeup class, Sunday, April 15th, 1-2pm

4 Saturdays, April 28-May 19th, 10-11am, 1 Saturday, May 25th, 930-1030am. Makeup class Sunday, May 20th, 1-2pm

Walk class (single stand alone class)

We love to walk our dogs, but not be walked (or dragged) by them. Teach your dog to walk and greet humans and other dogs politely while on leash $25.00 per dog/handler


Saturday, January 27th , 10-11am

Sunday, March 25th, 1-2pm

Saturday, May 12th, 10-11am

Come class (single, stand-alone class):

Dogs that do not come back when called are not only frustrating, but may be in grave danger. Learn why dogs don’t come when called and practice ways to make “come” exciting. We will also practice "stay" and "stop" commands. $25.00 pet dog/handler .


Saturday, February 3rd, 10-11am.

Sunday, April 8th, 1-2pm

Saturday, May 19th, 10-11am

Canine Socialization (for fearful/mildly aggressive dogs)

MUST have previous evaluation or approval by Marie or Tyson to enroll. $80.00 per dog/handler-4 week class.


4 Saturdays, January 20th –February 10th, 11am-noon with a makeup class on Sunday, February 4th, 1-2pm.

4 Sundays, March 4th-March 25th, 2-3pm, Makeup class, Saturday, March 24th, 12 (noon) - 1pm

4 Sundays, April 29th-Sunday, May 20th, 1-2pm, Makeup class Saturday, May 19th, 10-11am


American Kennel Club-Canine Good Citizen Evaluation. $20.00 per dog For more details, please visit


Sunday, February 4th, 1-2pm.

Sunday, February 18th, 1-2pm

Saturday, March 24th, 11am-12noon

Saturday, April 14th 930-1030am.

Registration Information

Class Locations:

Canine Behavior Counseling 11652 E Ada Place Aurora Colorado 80012

Other class times and locations may be available upon request.

For questions, please call 303-537-5146

Please carefully read the following requirements. Our policies have recently changed.

Control: I understand that bringing animals together in any setting presents potential health and safety risks. Although all reasonable care will be taken to protect the safety and health of myself and my animal; I agree to release Canine Behavior Counseling from any and all liabilities. I agree to control my animal at all times, except when the instructor has physical control of said animal, and to follow all verbal instructions given to me by the instructor.

Vaccines/Health: I state that my animal is current on vaccinations for distemper, parvo-virus, and rabies, as age appropriate. If
my animal shows any signs of illness, I will not bring my animal to class. I am aware that even with vaccination these and other disease may be present in class locations. I release Canine/Feline Behavior Counseling and its agents from any liability if my animal becomes ill
after attending this class.

Registration Deadline/Payment: I understand that class registration closes 48 hours before class, and payment must be received at the time of registration. Payments can no longer be accepted at the time of class.

Missed/Makeup Classes: I understand that only 1 makeup class is scheduled for each session. Any missed classes,
regardless of the reason and/or whether or not notification is given, may be forfeit with no other option to makeup the class or any refund of monies. If I must miss a class, I agree to give Canine/Feline Behavior Counseling at least 2 hours notice, before the start of
class. It is at the discretion of Canine/Feline Behavior Counseling whether I will be allowed to make-up or receive credit for the missed class, outside of the already scheduled makeup class. I further understand and agree that one (1) no show without prior notice of at least 2 hours will result in myself and my animal being removed from the remainder of the class session without refund or recourse.

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For more information, please contact
Canine Behavior Counseling
11652 East Ada Place
Aurora CO 80012
[email protected]

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