COVID 19 virus

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As the COVID situation changes, our practices and schedule may be changing. Please watch this page and our website for updates.

We pray for everyone affected by COVID. Thank you to all those who are dong their to protect all of us.

Our Commitment to Public Health Safety

In compliance with CDC and Colorado state guidelines, we have adjusted our practices.  

For in-home consultations-ALL persons (regardless of age) present are required to wear masks. Consultations will be conducted outside when appropriate.

Social distancing and non-contact are practiced whenever physically safe to do so. 

Please notify us immediately if anyone in your household has any signs of illness or may have been exposed to COVID 19.                                                 

Group Classes

ALL present are required to wear face covering inside and outside.

Whenever possible or  appropriate, group classes will be conducted outside. When inside, all participants are asked to maintain as much physical distance as possible/appropriate.

Classes will be restricted to 10 humans (including staff members).

Pre-registration with 24 hours notice- is required, and the number of people attending must be included on the registration form.

Please notify us immediately if anyone in your household has signs of illness or may have been exposed to COVID 19.                    

COVID 19 and Animals

During this difficult time, we are concerned about the welfare of our furry family members.

Here are links to scientifically accurate information regarding animals. We will update this as more information becomes available.

American Kennel Club Guidelines for Participating in Dog Sports

Center for Disease Control

              CDC frequently asked questions about animals and COVID 19

             COVID 19 and pets

Science News

American Veterinary Medical Association

                        COVID 19 and pets

Cats and Covid19-North American Veterinary Conference

                             New England Journal of Medicine

Ohio State University

USDA Statement on the Confirmation of COVID-19 in a Tiger in New York. 

While we practice "social distancing" from one another, our normal routines have been radically altered. This does effect our animals. How do we help them cope?

Keep your routine as normal as possible. If you are working from home, still get up/go to bed/feed your dogs/ "go to work" at the same time. 

Allow them to see that you are upset, and allow them to comfort you by playing, petting, snuggling, etc.. Dogs and cats see subtle body language, hear subtle vocal changes, and even smell stress in the air. Trying to hide these emotions confuses animals. 

Use of lavender, chamomile, rosemary and sage aromatherapy calms many species, including humans. Use only tiny amounts in approved diffusers. Cats and dogs have a much stronger sense of smell than humans. If you can smell it on even a subconscious level, it is too strong. Strong scents will irritate your animal's sinus tissue and can actually cause physical damage.  Sentry and Thunder Ease have diffusers specifically designed for dogs and cats. Never spray directly on an animal. Direct skin contact can cause serious burns or skin damage. 

Find novel ways to interact with your animals to keep them learning. Visit our Games for Bored Dogs Page. and Games for Bored Cats Page.  

We are also limiting our outdoor activities. For those that "parent" normally active dog breeds, this restriction can be challenging. 

What can we do to help keep our dogs mental and physically active

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