Dog Bite Prevention

Tips to prevent being bitten by a dog.

1.  NEVER approach a dog

                              Let the dog come to you

2. NEVER look a dog directly in the eye.

                               Always avert your eyes.

                               Direct eye contact is considered a challenge

3. Reach BELOW the chin, never above.

                          Above =dominance, which can be intimidating


                  Dogs identify by scent. There is no scent on the back of your hand. 

                  Palm up also suggests that you are offering a treat. Sharing=friend

5. NEVER hold a child or small dog directly over a dog’s head.

                          If you must hold a small dog or baby above another dog,

                               lay the small dog or child on their back, belly up.

                        Above=dominance, which may be intimidating or perceived as a challenge.

6. DON’T RUN from an approaching dog. Turn SIDEWAYS and remain still. 

                             Dogs are predators, and respond to rapid movement. 

                                Being still prevents the dog from focusing on you.

                            Sideways =truce, “I don’t want to fight you”