Graduates – 2013

Updated April 1, 2022

Canine Socialization Class – October 2013

L to R Conrad & Lavonne, Karen & Rayna

Canine Good Manners – March 2013

(from L to R) Mary Alice, Charles & Cujo, Nikki & Rocky, Kaylee & Anya, Ty & Jasper

Canine Good Manners/Star Puppy Class – August 2013

from L-R (rear row) Jim & Toni with Jack; Alex (helper); Gail with Lexie, Gwen & Andrew; Wil & Claire with Gumbo; Greg (helper); Nicole with Rocky(front row) Roxie

Star Puppy Class – October 2013

From left to right Jordan, Maple and Coert

Canine Socialization Class-March 2013

(l to r) Brianna (apprentice), Demi, Rhemmy, (rear) Leonna (Apprentice), April