Meet our Teams

Marie with Ranger & Moira  gisella with ziggy ad zoey

       Marie with Ranger (deceased) and Moira                                             Gisella with Zoey and Ziggy (deceased)

       Certified R.E.A.D team                                                                           Co-founder, Senior Director

Co-founder, Executive Director, Lead Evaluator                       


Meet our Newest Teams 

teddy and joan          kizzy and jackie

Joanne and Teddy Bear (Nov. 2019)            Jackie and Kizzy (Nov. 2019)

 Kristin and Bruce (Oct.  2019)                           

Our Seasoned Teams        


[Marie and] Henry Hudson (Nov .2018)

April and Fannie               Jackie and Moose                     Jackie and Squirrel

  April and Fannie (Aug. 2018)                                 Jackie and Moose (Aug. 2018)                      Jackie and Squirrel (Aug. 2018)

                                         Hear Jackie's interview on the Together with Karen Leigh show

Katherine and Ruby    Michelle and Hershey      SArah and Deisel

Katherine and Ruby (Sept. 2018)        Michelle and Hershey (Sept. 2018)                          Sarah and Diesel (March 2019)

             Robert and Trixie                                           April and Linus

            [Jude]  Robert and Trixie (Jan. 2018)                                              April and Linus (Oct. 2017)

Jackie, Houston and Suki

 Our first Certified Team

Jackie with Houston (deceased) and Suki  (June 2017)

In Loving Memory

michelle with Max ,               Eddie Munster                  ziggy

Michelle (crossed over Nov. 2017)        Eddie Munster (crossed over July 2018)                       Ziggy (crossed over Dec. 2018)


Ranger (crossed over Sept. 12, 2019)

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