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Marie with Ranger & Moira    gisella with ziggy ad zoey

       Marie with Ranger & Moira                                          Gisella with Zoey & Ziggy (deceased)

       Certified R.E.A.D team                                                Co-founder, Senior Director

Co-founder, Executive Director, Lead Evaluator                       

Tyson with Buddy and Benji   Rob with Trixie

Tyson with Buddy and Benji                                                                [Jude}, Rob with Trixie

Pet Evaluator

Sarah & DieselHitchcocksjackie

    Sarah with Diesel                   Care & David with Rosie                                                    Jackie with Hudson & Suki

moose  squirrel  Carol & AJ Michelle & Hershey

Jackie with Moose          Jackie with Squirrel                Carol with AJ                                  Michelle with Hershey

Hear Jackie's interview on the Together with Karen Leigh show

April with LinusKathleen & Ruby          Henry    

      April with Linus                   Katherine with Ruby                                  [Marie] Henry Hudson

                                                                                                                          Certified R.E.A.D Team

April with Fannie

April with Fannie

In Loving Memory

michelle with Max ,           Eddie Munster          ziggy

Michelle (crossed over 11/2017)      Eddie Munster (crossed over 7/2108)          Ziggy (crossed over 12/2018)

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