Moira Pages – 2016

January 6, 2016

An eventful December. I got exactly what I wanted for Christmas-snow and serious COLD!. Ranger and I spent all morning playing in the snow. WOOHOO!

Mom says I am slowly starting to become a little enforcer, usually for my smaller doggy friends. Most of my playmates are little dogs and I will defend them from bigger and ruder dogs. I circle and body block the big dogs who try to torment my little buddies. I will growl if pushed too far, especially when some dog tries to hump me. I may be beautiful, but I am just not that kind of girl!

I was officially weighed yesterday. Mom is surprised that I only weigh 79 pounds, because I am so tall. What is wrong with having a slim and sleek figure? Everyone who meets me thinks I am the most beautiful thing. What else would I expect, after all I am Moira the great one 🙂

January 13, 2016

Mom took down the x-mas tree and made all of the decorations disappear yesterday. I do not know where they go, but I like what came out of my stocking so…I would not let her take it away!

January 21, 2016

Played with my second bestest friend, Sully, today. His humans have the best snow mountains outside their office!! Who says one of my best friends can not be 12 lbs of Havanese?

January 27, 2016 

This is Ranger. I hacked into my sister’s blog to share this classic moment with you. Moira did not want the video published. She met her match!! The “great one” finally met a dog much bigger than her. She didn’t know what to do, play, run, stare.. It’s about time someone shrunk her head a bit (Smile emoji!) After her meeting, she jumps in the car and tries to hide behind me! Like I am going to save her princess ego-HAH!
Moira meets BIG dog

January 27, 2016 

I got to play with my friend Sully in the snow today.

February 1, 2016-

This morning mom was in the kitchen and heard this mournful, eerie sound. What is the world? She looked out the window just in time to see me throw my head back, take a deep breath, open my mouth and HOOOOOOOOOO! MY FIRST HOWL!! No more puppy bow-wow, I am officially a full fledged singing malamute. Mom will try to get a video/recording but I am sneakier than her and see the camera coming 🙂

February 4, 2016

I got to help mom teach puppy play class again today.

February 27, 2016

OK,  so mom decides that I can not chew up car seats if I have my Gentle Leader on , and the nose clip tightened all the way. I should have just enough room to breathe. After all I will only be in the car, sitting right next to my brother, for 17 minutes! . No, mom did not intend to be gone even that long. Yeah! Right !

Malamute 4 (one seatbelt, 1 head rest 2 seat backs!), – Mitsubishi 0 .

All Ranger could do was hide his head and roll his eyes when mom got back. “I tried to tell her that seats were not chew toys, she did not listen. sigh”

Mom spent the morning building a “puppy paddy wagon” in the back of the car…just for me!

March 1, 2016

Puppy paddy wagon. This sucks.  I am so mad I do not want to chew on my kong. I just curl up in the corner and pout, when mom puts me in my “jail”. She says I should be happy that I still get to ride in the back seat with Ranger. I only have to go to the “malamute holding cell” when waiting in the car for mom to talk to a client or Ranger to do his teaching. I still say this sucks!!


I am one happy mal! Snow up to my chest WOOOHOOOO! I am queen of the snow pile. OK,  mom, princess.

April 18, 2016

Moira teaches Sully to run with the big dogs


I’ve been a busy girl..(Moira with Fiona)

Two weeks ago, I got to meet some new creatures. The first few were funny looking, short furred “dogs” that looked kinda of skinny but knew how to run. They had big funny looking ears, but hey, I am not prejudiced. I will run with anyone. They just ran away from me and wouldn’t play. How rude! Mom says they were goats — looked like weird dogs to me.

The next creature was SCARY!! The biggest/tallest “dog” I have ever seen. This thing was taller than mom. I still get intimidated by dogs much bigger than me, and this thing was HUGE!!. I stood beside mom literally shaking. I could not lift my head enough to even see its head, it was sooo far up there. I stepped forward, and then dropped my tail. I wanted to belly up, but mom would not let me.  As I tried to watch it, with my head and tail down and my body shaking, it made this horrible noise “WHHHHINNNNYYY”. I bolted away from mom, and ran behind Ranger. My big brother will protect me-won’t you Ranger!  Ranger just stood quietly. Apparently he was not afraid of this monster. He is SO BRAVE!!  Mom says that monster is called a horse. I still say it’s a horrible monster!

Mom had me meet a Boston Terrier, who does not like other dogs or humans and re-educate a little dog, who thinks he is a “big dog”, that life is better when he isn’t a jerk. No sweat; all in a day’s work for a Malamute.

Aunty Quinn brings out the Boston on leash and he lunges at me barking — all in a day’s…. OH NO! his collar snaps and he lunges at me. He attaches his teeth to my face. I shake him off. He launches himself again at my face. This time he plants his whole head right into my mouth!! “Hey! you taste yucky! Get out of my mouth-SPIT!”  OK, he is out of my mouth. He runs under my belly and tries to bite me. Rude! He is so short, even on his hind legs, all he can get in his mouth is my long fur. He is grabbing and biting at my fur. I stand as calmly as possible waiting for mom or Quinn to pull me off. I do kick at him with my hind legs, but I try very hard to be still. Finally the Boston’s human grabs him and mom gets a leash around his neck.   Only damage, a tiny pin prick in the end of my nose.

Mom keeps telling me what a good dog I am and how proud she is of me! Why, because I don’t like the taste of Boston terrier?

Even after attacking me (or trying), I do not hold a grudge. I still play bow to the Boston to tell him no hard feelings. his response, lying on his back offering me his belly (with mom’s help). I gently put my paw on his belly (saying I accept your apology) and sit down.

Why can’t everyone live by my philosophy “Leave your problems behind and just play with me!” ?

Mom took me back to see the “really big dog that makes funny sounds” With a little bit of encouragement, I actually walked up to the fence where it lives. I was a little scared, but I did go. I politely turned sideways to tell it I did not want to fight. It graciously accepted my truce, and did not try to eat me.

Recess from Star Puppy class

June 11, 2016 

Moira teaches Toby to play nice

July 1, 2016

Mommy left my friend Toby sleep over last weekend (a three-day slumber party). We ran, played, wrestled and I even taught Toby how to chew up wood. 🙂

Poor Toby was exhausted at the end of our party.

August 1, 2016

Mom and Dad just got home from vacation, like yesterday. They get a phone call from “grandma” and go running out the door, leaving me and Ranger loose in the house. I got mad!   Ok, so maybe I just decided to get even with Ranger for all the mean stuff he has done to me.! I only ripped up his side of the sofa-not the side that mom sits on. I know who feeds me.

Moira refereeing puppy class (Lenny, Sassy and Stuart)

October 29, 2016

Today Ranger and I celebrated our birthdays. He is 9 and I am 2. Our friends Toby and Franklin learned to play nice at our party. (see video). We played with our friends Toby, Franklin, Suki, Huston and Cleo. We played chase, pools, and wrestling.

December 5, 2016

Ranger and I got to march in the Colorado Springs Festival of Lights Parade again this year.