Moira papers

moira puppy

This area currently undergoing remodeling. Please be patient with my humans.

                                                                                               Updated, December 11, 2020

We would like to welcome the newest member of our staff and family Mara-Mut. Her friends just call her Mara.
Mara joined our family/staff on December 19th, at 8 weeks of age. Mara is an Alaskan Malamute. She knows what big paws she has to fill, so she started right away, meeting people and other dogs and assisting in class on her second day. She hopes to attend public events as soon as she is fully vaccinated. Under the tutoring of her big brother Ranger and the guidance of her angel Enya, Mara hopes to be an effective enforcer in a few months.

Note to my new readers: On my first birthday, in keeping with Native American tradition, when a child (dog) becomes an adult, mom officially changed my name to Moira which means the "Mighty One" or "Princess". Many of my friends still call me by my baby/puppy name of Mara, and that's ok with me.

The Mara papers:

Miss Mara has decided in her spare time (between eating , playing and sleeping) she wants to be a blogger. Her mom, who has to translate from Malamute to human speech, asks her readers to be patient.

See the story of Moira's first months.

Day 1
I am outside playing with my three sisters, and these two humans walk over and watch us - like what? You never seen a puppy dunk his sisters' heads in the water bowl before?!  Next thing I know I am in a jail cell, strapped inside this noisy monster - and it's moving. I start screaming. The female human— I have since learned her name is "mommy" — keeps telling me it's ok. I just got swallowed by this huge metal monster and now it's moving —it's ok?  Then the monster finally stops, I get let out of the jail cell, and carried into a building. At least that nightmare is over.

Wait, what is this game called? "Pass the puppy around!" Hey! Wait a minute! The puppy is me!

So pass the puppy is not so bad. A lot of hands, but a lot of snuggles, pets and kind voices. Now back in the moving monster. At least mommy person is sitting beside me now. More roaring and moving. We stop again. 

Wow! Big open room, and open space - COOL!!  What the.... It's big, it's black and white... It kinda of looks like me but a lot bigger. Its nose is in my face, and the nose is as big as my whole face-EEEKKKK!  Wait a minute, there is two — no three, or four? — of those monster puppies all sticking their face in mine. I'll go back in the belly of the moving metal monster!! Take me back please!

OK, so I finally learned that the big dogs are not going to kill me. Not to sure about this whole playing thing. It looks pretty rough and scary. Off to class with mom. This is pretty cool! Pass the puppy is major cool - lots of snuggles and belly rubs. Wait a minute. That is one very big (Newfoundland) nose in my face. Hey dude! Don't open that mouth. I will disappear in it.  Wait a minute ... the Newfoundland is bowing to me. Wow!! I am a princess and he is bowing before me. I reach out and tap him on the forehead, accepting his sacrifice. My first sacrifice to the little malamute goddess. This is seriously fun. Next sacrifice.. You, little cattle dog, want a piece of me? Mom will lie you on your back and let me sit on your head — literally. 

Life here is going to be so cool!!

Week 1

moira in pen

Mom brought me downstairs to the basement. While hanging out in my playpen, I see this huge (OK, bigger than me) orange monster. It just keeps staring at me. Mom! Help! I start screaming (Mom says I sound like a dying parrot), try to get out of my pen and under the sofa. That thing is going to eat me, I just know it. At last, Mom comes to rescue me. What a minute. She is picking me up out of my pen, but she has the monster in her other hand. No! Don't put it on the floor next to me.  It's terrifying. Mommy person holds me on one side and the monster on the other. It at least  it does not attack me. Mommy gives me a treat and pets me, reassuring me that this thing is not going to hurt me. Gradually she brings us closer together. So far it hasn't attacked me, but I am still unsure. Mommy says this thing is a cat — whatever that is — and that it is my brother Eddie. My brothers never looked like that. OK, well if I ignore it, it leaves me alone. "Just walk by and don't look at it and you will be okay"

Week 2

moira bath

First bath. Ranger told me how horrible this is. It is doggy water torture. Why would mommy person torture me? Okay, into the shower, the water comes on, start screeching! Claw, scream, and....wait a minute, this is not so bad. The water feels good and mommy is rubbing me. Ranger lied to me. This is pretty cool. Mommy gets in the shower everyday, maybe I can join her, and get more loving and feel good! (A bath monster created!)

Week 3
Mommy is taking me to the puppy-atrician. Sounds scary. So I get to ride in the car, pretty relaxing. Naptime. When I wake up, we go into this building. Oh, this a vet office. This is where we play lots of pass (and pet ) the puppy. When can I come back ? While at the doctor, I am in mom' s arms, looking over the counter ledge. A small spaniel, not much bigger than me, climbs up and sticks his nose in my face. I growl. She stays in my face. I swat her on the head with my paw — "getting in faces is rude". The spaniel jumps down. "Mom, is that what an enforcer does? My angel Enya told me that's what I am supposed to do with rude dogs"

Week 5
Back to doggy school. I met a new friend today, named Dax.

A hard day in school. Had to meet a weird hard-shelled cat (at least it hissed like one,) with scaly skin, in class today. I tried to paw at it and it hissed at me. Eddie taught me that sounds means sit down and don't touch me. So, I did. The other puppies in class followed my lead and did the same. Mommy says the hard scaly cat is called a turtle — whatever that is. But I did leave it alone.

Then I went to socialization class. Here I am being a sweet polite little girl and not staring at the other dogs, and this little hairy dog named Poncho keeps barking and snarling at me. I play bow to him, and he still keeps doing the land shark thing at me. "Chill dude and enjoy life, It is just one big play game." "Keep barking at me, you are half my size, I am going to stand over you and bark back. Not so brave now, are we?" Finally the little piranha on paws turns his head away, and surprise, surprise I return the favor and we are all good.

Of course Mr. Zeus who thinks he is a husky god has tried to lunge at me. Mommy told me to be brave and stand my ground. Zeus's dad made him lie down and mommy held me over Zeus. Ahh a husky sacrifice to the growing Malamute princess. You would think he would get the picture after being sacrificed to a terrier and then Eddie; but the power of the Malamute finally got through that thick husky skull.

Jan. 11, 2015
Moira wrestling with Professor Ranger

Jan. 15, 2015
Hedgehog chasing

February 10, 2015
How to induce a near heart attack in your mommy person? The disappearing puppy- I reached a puppy milestone last week. I now get to sleep anywhere I want in the house. No more puppy jail! Yesterday afternoon, mom and dad went out and I got to stay out of my room!! Two hours later, they come home. Nothing torn up, no pee on the floor, and no puppy! Ranger met mom at the door. No Mara! Mom looked all through the yard, in the window wells, even in the trash cans — no Mara. She started flipping over furniture in the house —still no puppy. Mommy knows i like socks and toilet paper, so the her bedroom and bathroom had been closed off before they left. Those doors are still closed.

Mommy was so panicked at this point, that she did not realize that her office door, which she had left open, was closed. The third time she runs down the hall screaming my name, she saw the closed door. She rips the door open, and I am sitting quietly in Ranger's kennel, happily chewing on mommy's scrapbook. I swear she started crying. I was being a good puppy. OK, maybe tearing a page out of her scrapbook was not the greatest, but I got myself locked in the room and I got bored. At least I didn't potty anywhere.
Mommy got so emotional!!

February 17, 2015
From the Mara papers: Trashed puppy.
Mommy person finally relented to leaving me loose in the house and yard when she was gone, after Ranger swore on the snow not to lock me in his room, or mine again (Yesterday, Ranger locked me and himself in my room).

Today she comes home, again no Mara at the door. This time she does not panic, and searches the house. No Mara, She starts walking through the backyard and sees me. I am inside the outdoor trash can, up to my fuzzy little ears, ready to go the curb. The can was not knocked over, it was upright. There is me, fuzzy puppy inside the can trying to climb my way out. She started laughing so hard, that she startled me and I knocked over the can and fell out before she could grab the camera.  Ranger got tired of me and threw me in the trash. Of course he denies it :) He did promise not to lock me up, nothing about throwing me in the trash.

February 17, 2015
Mara Papers cont.: Yesterday I got to meet the UPS guy. He is like... way cool. Petted me and told me how beautiful I am, and took pictures. What's up with all you dogs who hate postman and delivery guys?? They even give you cookies, and give mommy packages that you get to help open-and they have doggy toys in them!

May 4, 2015
Mara & Sasha Rose

June 11, 2015
I taught Toby how to play nicely in puppy class

June 15, 2015
It's a plane,,,

June 17, 2015
I am a big girl now! A little too big to sleep under mom's bed anyway. I got stuck ! This morning. Daddy had to lift up the bed to get me out.

June 27, 2015
Sorry I have not written in a while. It has been a busy month. Mommy has been taking me to dog parks, and hiking in Cherry Creek State Park. I have been helping with teaching both puppies and big dog manners.  I am learning to play in dog parks. The first visits were pretty scary. Big dogs charging at me. At the Husky Huddles/Malamute Mingles, I felt overwhelmed. Dozens of dogs running towards me and wrestling-AGGH! I slowly learned to run with “the big dogs.” When two dogs got into a fight, I ran to help; but then stopped. I was not sure what to do. At the dog park, I did start body blocking to protect my smaller friends. I have decided that my job is to protect the smaller dogs of the world. I like to play with them, and will block bigger dogs from playing too rough with my little friends. 

Hiking was the coolest. Tall grass, bugs to chase, little furry things running across the ground (chipmunks), lots of smells, and soft hills that Mom would not let me play in (ant hills). It was like the biggest yard ever… It just kept going and going, and going. There were even a few people who told me how beautiful I was (Yes, I know I am gorgeous!). When we got back to the car, I collapsed in the back seat.

I have also been busy chewing! Mom says it is my one bad habit. Well! Leave a malamute puppy in the car with nothing to do for 10 minutes — don’t be surprised when I chew through the seat belt! Or climb over the back seat and eat all the animal crackers in Mom’s training toolbox. Leave me home, even with Ranger here, I will destroy your shoes, or sunglasses. When Mommy is gone, I have been staying in my bed (kennel). My kennel is actually not so bad, Mom give me what she calls “kongs” full of frozen yogurt, puppy food and sometimes animal crackers. Yummy!. Sometimes I run into my kennel just hoping to find a kong. 

Mom says we have to work on my separation issues. I say just keep the kongs coming and we are good!

I turned 9 months old yesterday and weigh 70 pounds. I am not growing as fast, but am only two pounds behind my big brother Ranger. Boy! I am paying him back for using me for a soccer ball, a fling toy, and throwing me in the trash as a little puppy. I can tackle him to the ground, and body slam him into the furniture now. Give me little more time, and look out for Mighty Mara!

August 11, 2015                                                                                                                                                                                                              (age 9 1/2 months) Momma is having to face the realization that I am not Enya. Yeah! big surprise. I will probably never be a tough enforcer. I am a lover and a peace maker. I don't get why other dogs even growl at me. Just chill and out and play with me (My philosophy on life in general.)!

Every time a dog charges me or growls at me, I just flop down into a play bow. When that doesn't work, I belly up. I love humans and will be a great therapy dog. I love hanging with the little dogs and I will protect them in the dog park. The big dogs charging at me just sends me into a flop and belly up. I do not want to fight with anyone.  Looks like I will be a peacemaker when I grow up, and mommy promised to love me just the same. I am leaving the enforcing up to my big brother Ranger.  Even though I am considerably taller than Ranger, I refuse to weigh anymore than him (Then he would not be my big brother anymore). I have stopped growing at 70 pounds (for the past three weeks). Momma says it's because I don 't want to be bigger than Ranger. Maybe when I get a little older I will change my mind and go on another growth spurt. We'll see!

September 7, 2015
I may be a brat sometimes; but now, I am a blessed brat! Mom took Ranger and me to church on Sunday for a blessing of the animals. We behaved pretty well. Ranger kept "talking" over the Pastor, but everyone told us how beautiful we were. I was restless and did not understand why no one petted us or the other dogs would not come say hi. I did sit very quietly though when the Pastor laid his hands on my head to bless me.  I have been a perfect angel ever since! I can now stay out of my kennel when mom and dad are gone!

September 9, 2015
Puppy pool party

October12, 2015
Grandaughter's birthday toy. So, Ranger and I think it's possessed.

October 26, 2015

1 year old1st party1st party 2

My first birthday! Am I growing up fast! Already 75 pounds.

My friends came over for a pool party, to celebrate with me and Ranger (who is 9 now). We ran and played with Cairo and Suki, and our other friends.

I got my new adult name today — Moira. It is an old Gaelic word that means "Mighty" or apparently in Scotland "Princess". Boy does that name fit me. When mom was trying to find a name for me as a puppy, I kept trying to tell her. I guess due to the mental gap between dogs and humans, she thought I wanted to be named Mara (at least that is what kept popping into her mind). Now, she realizes it was supposed to Moira-for I am a little princess. And yes Mom, you are still the queen!

November 1, 2015

Mom took me to work to teach a Lab puppy some manners. What fun! On the way home, she had to stop and check on two dogs whose parents were coming home later than expected from vacation. Figuring I was tired from my playdate, she left me in the car to rest — for 10 whole minutes! Kiss the seatbelt in the back seat goodbye! I chewed right through them and then laid down quietly as if nothing had happened. Mom was not happy when she tried to unbuckle the seat belt to let me out.

November 30, 2015

Mom spent all afternoon yesterday helping build a float of Santa's sleigh, that Ranger may help pull through the Parade of Lights in Colorado Springs on Saturday, December 5th. Mom and I will be in "the honor guard" along the sides. (The final husky/reindeer line up is being determined). I am so excited. I am not sure what a parade is; but mom says there will be lots of people and lots of other dogs, all trying to look as cute as me-HAHA!  The Parade starts on Tejon street in Colorado Springs at 5:45 pm on Saturday Dec 5th. Come see us.

December 6, 2015

h2m2 float

Ranger and I marched in the Colorado Springs Festival of Lights Parade last night, with the Southern Colorado Husky Huddle/Malamute Mingle group.  I had no idea what a parade was. At first it was cool, we got lunch and a long car ride. Then a dinner snack and a jog through Colorado Springs (because mom and Auntie Quinn were running late). The jog would have been much more fun if we stopped to get pets from everyone who said how beautiful we were. Mom said we had to get to the "staging area" so Ranger could ride on the float with the sleigh.  We get there and the float is not big enough for all the husky "reindeer", so Ranger got dropped from the lineup. Bummer. But that meant he (and Auntie Quinn) got to march beside me, near the front of the float, which turned out to be pretty cool.
We got to sit around, and be rudely nosed and even bumped by other nordics who seem to have left their manners at home. Mom said we did so well at turning away and only growling when they would not leave us alone. Trying to sit still for two hours was pretty miserable. We are sled dogs, not "sit" dogs. All 28 huskies and malamutes were dancing around, trying to play and even picking fights (which their humans stopped). Two hours like weeks in puppy time. We were both really good, but finally I got seriously bored. I started pawing mom's leg and jumping on her "This is boring, come on, let's do something".   Finally, we lined up. By this time, my tail was down, my ears (both of them) were down. I just wanted to go home. This so sucked.

2015 xmas

We started walking. Ok finally this misery is done...Wait a minute, what do I hear? People, lots of people cheering and saying how beautiful the huskies are. (Ok so I am a Mal, but for all this adoration, I'll deal with being called a husky.) So, this is what a parade is. You walk/jog down the street and thousands of people praise you, and reach out to touch you. They tell you haw beautiful you are, while mom tells you what a good girl you are and how proud she is.. My tail pops back up and arches high. I hold my head high. I feel like a real princess with all my adoring subjects bowing to me. Oh yes!! I can do this parade thing.  Sometimes I got a little nervous with so many hands coming at me, and the loud noises (sirens, motorcycles) and I lean on Ranger. He is walking beside me getting pets too. When I get scared I lean over and touch him. He reassures me and I turn back to my adoring fans.  Periodically, Mom would let us step to the side and get petted and hugged by the kids. I love those little humans. They are such good huggers :) 

Then it was over-downer.:(   On the way back to car, more people stopped to pet us and lavish praise. I even got petted by this tiny human, (a one-month-old baby). I was so gentle. I lay down and gently set my head on his stroller, and licked his face. He giggled and patted me with his tiny hand. Then I found his "bottle". I am not sure what a bottle is but it tasted like mommy dog when she used to feed me. The baby giggled when I licked his bottle. Mom told me to stop. At least the baby's mom thought it was funny.
What a night. On the way home, another long car ride, Ranger and I slept like we had partied way too hard.

Mommy can't stop telling everyone how proud she is of us. How well behaved we were. She says we were the best behaved dogs in the group. All we did was walk beside mom and Auntie Quinn and get petted. There was a lot of noise, and people, and so much fun..... Can we do it again, mom, please?! This time can we skip the sitting around forever first though?

ranger post parade moira post parade

Boy were we tired afterwards!


ziggy and zoey

Mara papers: I got to have a sleepover with my friends Ziggy (tiny white one) and Zoey (white and brown). They may be little but they are so much fun to hang out with. I can't wait until I am old enough to do pet therapy visits with them. I don't know why Mom is so pleased when I am nice to little dogs, they are my friends.

January 6, 2016
An eventful December. I got exactly what I wanted for Christmas-snow and serious COLD!. Ranger and I spent all morning playing in the snow. WOOHOO!

Mom says I am slowly starting to become a little enforcer, usually for my smaller doggy friends. Most of my playmates are little dogs and I will defend them from bigger and ruder dogs. I circle and body block the big dogs who try to torment my little buddies. I will growl if pushed too far, especially when some dog tries to hump me. I may be beautiful, but I am just not that kind of girl!

I was officially weighed yesterday. Mom is surprised that I only weigh 79 pounds, because I am so tall. What is wrong with having a slim and sleek figure? Everyone who meets me thinks I am the most beautiful thing. What else would I expect, after all I am Moira the great one :)

January 13, 2016
Mom took down the xmas tree and made all the decorations disappear yesterday. I do not know where they go, but I like what came out of my stocking, so I would not let her take it away.

moira and stocking

January 21, 2016

Played with my second bestest friend, Sully, today. His humans have the best snow mountains outside their office!! Who says one of my best friends can not be 12 lbs of Havanese?

January 27, 2016 

 This is Ranger. I hacked into my sister's blog to share this classic moment with you. Moira did not want the video published. She met her match!! The "great one" finally met a dog much bigger than her. She didn't know what to do, play, run, stare.. It's about time someone shrunk her head a bit (Smile emoji!) After her meeting, she jumps in the car and tries to hide behind me! Like I am going to save her princess ego-HAH!
Moira meets BIG dog

January 27, 2016 

I got to play with my friend Sully in the snow today.

February 1, 2016-

This morning mom was in the kitchen and heard this mournful, eerie sound. What is the world? She looked out the window just in time to see me throw my head back, take a deep breath, open my mouth and HOOOOOOOOOO! MY FIRST HOWL!! No more puppy bow-wow, I am officially a full fledged singing malamute. Mom will try to get a video/recording but I am sneakier than her and see the camera coming :)

February 4, 2016

I got to help mom teach puppy play class again today.

February 27, 2016


OK,  so mom decides that I can not chew up car seats if I have my Gentle Leader on , and the nose clip tightened all the way. I should have just enough room to breathe. After all I will only be in the car, sitting right next to my brother, for 17 minutes! . No, mom did not intend to be gone even that long. Yeah! Right !   Malamute 4 (one seatbelt, 1 head rest 2 seat backs!), -Mitsuibishi 0 .All Ranger could do was hide his head and roll his eyes when mom got back. "I tried to tell her that seats were not chew toys, she did not listen. sigh"

Mom spent the morning building a "puppy paddy wagon " in the back of the car for me.


March 1, 2016

Puppy paddy wagon. This sucks.  I am so mad I do not want to chew on my kong. I just curl up in the corner and pout, when mom puts me in my "jail". She says I should be happy that I still get to ride in the back seat with Ranger. I only have to go to the "malamute holding cell" when waiting in the car for mom to talk to a client or Ranger to do his teaching. I still say this sucks!!

I am one happy mal! Snow up to my chest WOOOHOOOO!
I am queen of the snow pile. OK,  mom, princess.

moira in snow moira snow tree

April 18, 2016
Moira teaches Sully to run with the big dogs

I've been a busy girl..(Moira with Fiona)

April 21, 2016
Two weeks ago, I got to meet some new creatures.
The first few were funny looking, short furred "dogs" that looked kinda of skinny but knew how to run. They had big funny looking ears, but hey, I am not prejudiced. I will run with anyone. They just ran away from me and wouldn't play. How rude! Mom says they were goats — looked like weird dogs to me.

The next creature was SCARY!! The biggest/tallest "dog" I have ever seen. This thing was taller than mom. I still get intimidated by dogs much bigger than me, and this thing was HUGE!!. I stood beside mom literally shaking. I could not lift my head enough to even see its head, it was sooo far up there. I stepped forward, and then dropped my tail. I wanted to belly up, but mom would not let me.  As I tried to watch it, with my head and tail down and my body shaking, it made this horrible noise "WHHHHINNNNYYY". I bolted away from mom, and ran behind Ranger. My big brother will protect me-won't you Ranger!  Ranger just stood quietly. Apparently he was not afraid of this monster. He is SO BRAVE!!  Mom says that monster is called a horse. I still say it's a horrible monster!

April 25, 2016
 Mom had me meet a Boston Terrier, who does not like other dogs or humans and re-educate a little dog, who thinks he is a "big dog", that life is better when he isn't a jerk. No sweat; all in a day's work for a Malamute.
Aunty Quinn brings out the Boston on leash and he lunges at me barking — all in a day's.... OH NO! his collar snaps and he lunges at me. He attaches his teeth to my face. I shake him off. He launches himself again at my face. This time he plants his whole head right into my mouth!! "Hey! you taste yucky! Get out of my mouth-SPIT!"  OK, he is out of my mouth. He runs under my belly and tries to bite me. Rude! He is so short, even on his hind legs, all he can get in his mouth is my long fur. He is grabbing and biting at my fur. I stand as calmly as possible waiting for mom or Quinn to pull me off. I do kick at him with my hind legs, but I try very hard to be still. Finally the Boston's human grabs him and mom gets a leash around his neck.   Only damage, a tiny pin prick in the end of my nose.
Mom keeps telling me what a good dog I am and how proud she is of me! Why, because I don't like the taste of Boston terrier?
Even after attacking me (or trying), I do not hold a grudge. I still play bow to the Boston to tell him no hard feelings. his response, lying on his back offering me his belly (with mom's help). I gently put my paw on his belly (saying I accept your apology) and sit down.
Why can't everyone live by my philosophy "Leave your problems behind and just play with me!" ?

May 24, 2016
Mom took me back to see the "really big dog that makes funny sounds" With a little bit of encouragement, I actually walked up to the fence where it lives. I was a little scared, but I did go. I politely turned sideways to tell it I did not want to fight. It graciously accepted my truce, and did not try to eat me.

Moira meets horse

June 4, 2016
Recess from Star Puppy class

June 11, 2016 

Moira teaches Toby to play nice

July 1, 2016

Mommy left my friend Toby sleep over last weekend (a three-day slumber party). We ran, played, wrestled and I even taught Toby how to chew up wood. :)

Poor Toby was exhausted at the end of our party.

August 1, 2016

Mom and Dad just got home from vacation, like yesterday. They get a phone call from "grandma" and go running out the door, leaving me and Ranger loose in the house. I got mad!   Ok, so maybe I just decided to get even with Ranger for all the mean stuff he has done to me.! I only ripped up his side of the sofa-not the side that mom sits on. I know who feeds me.

October 12, 2016
Moira refereeing puppy class (Lenny, Sassy, Stuart)

October 29, 2016

Today Ranger and I celebrated our birthdays. He is 9 and I am 2. Our friends Toby and Franklin learned to play nice at our party. (see video). We played with our friends Toby, Franklin, Suki, Huston and Cleo. We played chase, pools, and wrestling.

December 5, 2016
Ranger and I got to march in the Colorado Springs Festival of Lights Parade again this year.

festival of lights husky

festival of lights float side

festival of lights Ranger

festival of lights float front

March 1, 2017

Wow! Can't believe I have not written in over two months. Been a busy mal. Teaching classes, smacking down attitudes, going to Mingles, hiking with mom and Ranger, and now being Tyson's personal (running) trainer. And I still find time to dig up the back yard. :) Mom says she is working hard to correct the video issues on her website, so everyone can see the highlights of my life. So many great memories of my first two years of life: Wrestling class with Mr Ranger, chewing up the sofa, chewing up mom's seat belt, playing with my friends Sully, Toby, Ziggy and Zoey, chewing up mom's car seats.....

March 16, 2017
Mommy said I did a really good thing on Monday, taking care of my sister Miss Mattie (cat). Mom had left the door the basement open and Miss Mattie slipped upstairs and out the dog door. I was outside playing with my bro Ranger. Ranger started barking and mom called him inside. She called me too, but I would not come. I always come when Mom calls. I lay on the back porch, staring at the trash cans, whining. I do not whine!  Mom knew something was wrong. She came outside and looked where i was staring. There is Miss Mattie hiding behind the trash cans meowing!  Mom went over and picked up Mattie and told me to go inside, which I did, and let mom carry Mattie back to the basement.  I did not chase her, or bark at her, or hurt her, even though she slaps me and hisses every time I walk by her in the basement.  Mom says that I may have saved her life, because she has never been outside before and can not defend herself (She was declawed before she came to live with us).


April 20, 2017
Another milestone!  I got to be loose in the house twice now for over an hour and, did not do any damage! I was asleep in my kennel with the door open when mom left. The first time I was still asleep when dad came home. Today, I got up and hung out in the living room with my bro Ranger. Nothing chewed up, nothing dragged outside, nothing even out of place. Mom is thrilled:) I hope this doesn't mean I stop getting my "frozen yogurt pops" when mom leaves.

I started back on my weight pull training today. In a half hour, i was pulling Tyson, Mom and then a spare tire around like I was born for it. Oh yeah! I was born for this. Mom says she will be adding weight to my tire soon, and if I do really well, next winter Tyson will take me snowboarding. Not sure what that is but mom says it involves lots of snow and pulling — my two favorite things.

September 5, 2017

I went to a pet therapy visit today. There was this big black curly "dog" who kept staring at me. It would not look away even when I growled. Mom told me to look away, and I did -reluctantly. The "dog" never moved. I went around to sniff and it smelled cold but weird. Mom said it was a statue, of a sheep.

September 14, 2017

My new little brother Henry came home. Mom says he is a baby cat. I think he looks a lot like a fuzzy red squirrel. I just want to play "bat" and chase with him. Mom says I am too big and he is still too little. What good is he if I can't play with him?

Eddie gets adopted

October 26, 2017

I turned 3 years old today! Mom says I have grown up to be a beautiful girl. Although I will never fill Enya's paw prints (no one will), I have become a patient, and effective teacher and enforcer. Almost every week, I get to help other dogs learn to interact respectfully and appropriately. I get to visit people in nursing homes and brighten their day. Mommy is very proud of who I have become.

Moira at 3

July 1, 2018

I didn't realize that it had been this long since I wrote. I have been one busy girl. Refereeing puppy classes, Educating aggressive and fearful dogs, going to "Husky Huddles/Malamute Mingles," pet therapy visits, running Tyson on the bicycle (he's getting better at staying up with me :), doing "walkabouts" with Mom, and now weight pulling! Everyone that said I would grow up to be a "heavy hauler" and a little freight train were right.  

           Entered my first weight pull competition yesterday.  

Second run:

"Oh, am I dragging something (300-pound cart)? Didn't notice.

Third Run:

" Gee, there is actually something behind me. (500 lbs)

Fourth Run:

"OK, this is starting to feel like real work" (791 lbs) . 

Fifth Run:

" Hey no one told me I couldn't drop, roll, and ask for belly rubs in the middle of a pull. What do you mean this pull doesn't count! " (1029 lbs)

I placed second in my weight class (80- 90-pound dogs) with an official pull of 1020 pounds in just 8.31 seconds!  A combined (successful) total of 1691 lbs over 5 pulls, in just over 1 hour. 

To learn more about Canine Weight Pulling, visit our new  Canine Weight Pulling Page.  

September 29, 2018

Pulled my heaviest weight yet!  2400 pounds in under 20 seconds! Mom says i keep this up and I can start pulling her car. 

February 7, 2019

The DNA results are in! To all you nasayers-I am ALL MAL! 100% Malamute-right down to my floppy ear :)

"Nobody, including my mom, said that I would be."  That's right, I am all MAL-AMOOO_MUUT! and proud of it.  Just goes to show that you can't judge a mal by it's body, only its heart!

March 6, 2019

Mom just got notice! I qualified for the National Summit championships, with the World Wide Weight Pulling Organization (W3PO)!  I  qualified in two events, rails and wheels, which also makes me eligible to compete in snow pulls. Mom is so proud of me!!  

No, we probably won't go this year. Mom is hoping I will qualify again next year, when I am a little more experienced and can handle the high-intensity environment better and be more competitive with the seasoned competitors.

September 13, 2019

Yesterday, my big brother Ranger died! It is a difficult and confusing time for me. He has always been there from the first time my little paws came through the front door. Now, he is gone. I feel so lost, so empty. I know mommy is very upset too, but I do not know what to do to help her. 

I know that Ranger's has had trouble seeing lately. he gets scared in new places. Sometimes it has been hard for mommy to wake him up, and when she does he snaps at her. He snapped a lot if I startled him, or came too near his food.   But he would still play with me. We ran around the backyard together, wrestled and mouth played. 

We were running down the hallway last night when Ranger suddenly collapsed, and began banging his head against the wall. I got scared and ran outside. Mommy came out, and carried Ranger into the living room. I cautiously came back inside. I lay by his side, not knowing what to do. I tried to support him and keep him from hurting himself. Mommy and daddy were crying. 

I knew as soon as they carried Ranger to the car that he wasn't coming back. I didn't know what to do. I started to cry at the window. Then Tyson came over and sat with me for a while. He petted me for a while, but I just wasn't "into" it. Finally I went and lay in my kennel. I felt so lonely. It seemed so dark and empty, even in my beloved kennel.

Mommy and daddy came home in the middle of the night. I did not even come out of my kennel. i just lay there, facing the wall. I knew Ranger was not with them and he would never be home again. I finally came out and sat by mom. She was crying and held me tight. I know she did not want to take Ranger away, but it was time for him to leave this world. I was on my own! 

Ranger had raised me well. I just hope I can live up to his expectations. Right now, it so so hard to just want to move through the day.

October 6, 2019

It has been three weeks since Ranger died. Slowly I have begun to eat and spend time outside again. I still feel so alone. There is no one to play with (mommy tries). I look into mommy's office, where Ranger used to sleep and see his bed empty. My heart hurts. I go into the living room and stare at the empty sofa. No Brother to watch over me. Mommy says I am the big dog now, but  I can not climb onto the sofa. I just can't do it, despite mommy's encourgement. 

Mommy and Daddy left today. Miss Andi came to stay with me. I am scared that they won't come back. Miss Andi says they will and they will bring me a new baby brother to care for. I am excited to have someone to paly with, but I don't know how to teach a baby without Ranger here to guide me.

October 7, 2019

Mommy and Daddy came home and brought me a puppy! I was so happy, my tail is wagging and my eyes lit up. Now I have someone to play with! I can do this. Ranger taught me well. I am the big sister now. I have to teach him and make Ranger proud. 

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