Our Philosophy

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Our Mission

To help animals and their humans to work together.  To keep animals with their families, by helping humans better understand and meet their pet's physical and emotional needs. We work closely with veterinary, training, and alternative medicine practitioners to best meet these needs. We also believe that our expert services should be available to all, at an affordable price. 

Our Philosophy

We believe that the mind (including brain chemistry), body and spirit (emotion) are all one, and all influence an animal's behavior. There is no such thing as good or bad animals or good or bad behavior, only behavior that is appropriate or inappropriate for the given situation.

We utilize a wide rage of tools, owner education, nutritional therapy, aromatherapy, acupressure, herbal support, positive reinforcement and re-direction training, to create a behavioral and emotionally healthy animal and strengthen the relationship between humans and animals.

We believe that every tool in the "trainer's toolbox" has a legitimate purpose and application. Each tool should be used according to the needs of the animal, its handler and the situation. No tool or piece of equipment is "bad" or cruel in itself. It is only the use or, more accurately, misuse of equipment that causes physical or emotionally injury to animals.

We utilize the philosophy that all actions must elicit some type of reaction.  Undesired behavior must be corrected in an appropriate way (mostly often verbally) just as desirable behavior is rewarded in an appropriate manner.

Our Core Belief

As social creatures, dogs require a stable and easily understandable social structure in order to thrive. We believe that humans can best provide this social structure by mimicking the natural canine social structure. We also believe that dogs (and humans) learn best from other dogs, which is why we utilize our 4-legged staff extensively in our educational /behavior modification process.

Most behavioral problems are created by unnatural breeding and rearing practices, unrealistic expectations, unclear boundaries, and conflicting social cues. Human education is a large part of understanding and altering these behavioral issues. Happy dogs and happy families are created through understanding, compassion and mutual respect. We strive to create and encourage practices that create and strengthen this understanding, compassion and mutual respect.

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