Updated June 13, 2020

We now offer remote consultation for cat issues, anywhere in the U.S. The cost is $75. 

For details visit our services page.

May 26, 2020

In compliance with CDC and Colorado state guidelines, we have adjusted our practices.  

 All in-person consultations are conducted with the safety of our clients, staff and animals in mind. 

                                   When possible, consultations will be conducted outside.

                                    Our staff will wear face coverings, and  we require that our clients do the same.

                                    Physical distancing and non-contact are practiced whenever phycially safe to do so. 

                                    Please notify us immediately if anyone in your household has any signs of illness or may have been exposed to COVID 19.                                                 

Group Classes

                        All classes, except Speaking Dog, will be conducted outside.

                          Classes will be restricted to 15 humans (including staff members).

                          Pre-registration is REQUIRED. The number of people attending must be included on the registration form.                      

                          We REQUIRE all staff and clients to wear face coverings.

                          Proper social distancing and non-contact are practiced whenever physically safe to do so. 

                          Please notify us immediately if anyone in your household has any signs of illness or may have been exposed to COVID 19.                    

We continue to offer remote/video consultations for cats and some dog issues. 

Please complete and return a pre-consultation questionnaire, so we can help you determine the best option for your needs. 

April 21, 2020

  It is with deep regret that I announce that Tyson Harriger has resigned from Canine Feline Behavior Counseling for personal reasons. We will continue with our mission of helping  animals and humans live together in harmony. I ask for everyone's patience as this transition takes place.

Price change effective May 1. 

(All prices include follow-up communications via email, phone or text.)

1 hour remote consultation (when appropriate) $75

 2 hour in-home consultation $125

Court evaluations $175

Thank you for your support as we grow and work to provide more personalized service.


   Welcome to Canine / Feline Behavior Counseling!
                              Call us at {303-537-5146}

Offering holistic (whole body, mind and spirit) approaches to training and behavior modification, we believe that the mind, body and spirit are all one, and all influence an animal's behavior.

We utilize a wide range of tools, owner education, nutritional therapy, aromatherapy, acupressure, herbal support, positive reinforcement and re-direction training to create positive behavior, an emotionally healthy animal, and strengthen the relationship between humans and animals.

We believe in offering affordable services from highly skilled and knowledgeable counselors and instructors.

Our offices are located in Aurora, Colorado.  We offer our services to the greater Metro Denver, Foothills and Colorado Springs areas.

Our phone and fax: 1-303-537-5146
Email [email protected] 

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  • "Marie saved my dog from being euthanized by the courts when he bit someone. He was suffering from high anxiety and fear aggression. With Marie's expert training she turned my dog Tanner into an obedient and good companion."
  • "We adopted a shelter kitten whose problems included "thinking out of the litter box" and anxiety issues. Marie did a wonderful job helping us understand why the kitten, now cat, would have these problems and helped us to institute a routine to avoid them. After a year and a half, we all coexist happily and our cat is a beloved family member."
  • "Great trainers! They truly understand canines and what they need to live a happy life with their families!"
    Linda & Micheal

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