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NEW! Canine Good Citizen Prep Class and Evaluation -See our classes page for more information and registration form. 

NEW!  Reactive Dog Leash Class-See our classes page for more information and registration form. 

heat alert

Heat Alert

Out of consideration for the comfort and welfare of our 4 legged staff members, we will NOT be scheduling appointments that involve our 4 legged staff (Ranger, Moira, Buddy, Benji and Henry) during the middle of the day. We will not allow our dogs/cat to sit in the car, while awaiting their part in the training, in temperatures over 70 degrees. In -home consultations involving our 4 legged staff members will only be scheduled first thing in the morning (generally 8-9 am) or last thing in the evening (7 pm). We appreciate your understanding. Note: We will continue to hold classes as scheduled.


apartment etiquette

New Class in Apartment Dog Etiquette

               Navigating narrow hallways, elevators and stairwells of apartment buildings with your dog can be challenging. Dogs can become very reactive when passing one another in hallways, or crowded into an elevator together. Learn simple tips to help you and your dog move around the building, and other dogs with ease. This class is for humans, but we will have certified therapy dogs to practice with. 1 hour group class. Held in and customized to your building.

Co-sponsored by Pawsitively Pooches and Canine/Feline Behavior Counseling.  Call Marie Seelmeyer at 303-537-5146 or Lauren Piner 720-432-2729 for scheduling and pricing. 

Welcome to Canine / Feline Behavior Counseling!
Call us at {303-537-5146}

Offering holistic (whole body, mind and spirit) approaches to training and behavior modification.

We believe that the mind, body and spirit are all one, and all influence an animal's behavior.

We utilize a wide rage of tools,

owner education, nutritional therapy, aromatherapy, acupressure, herbal support, positive reinforcement and re-direction training,

to create a behavioral and emotionally healthy animal and strengthen the relationship between humans and animals.

We also believe in offering affordable services from highly skilled and knowledgeable counselors and instructors.

Our offices are located in Aurora Colorado and offer services to the greater Metro-Denver, Foothills and Colorado Springs areas.

Our Phone & Fax number 303-537-5146
Email [email protected] 

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  • "Marie saved my dog from being euthanized by the courts when he bit someone. He was suffering from high anxiety and fear aggression. With Marie's expert training she turned my dog Tanner into an obedient and good companion."
  • "We adopted a shelter kitten whose problems included "thinking out of the litter box" and anxiety issues. Marie did a wonderful job helping us understand why the kitten, now cat, would have these problems and helped us to institute a routine to avoid them. After a year and a half, we all coexist happily and our cat is a beloved family member."
  • "Great trainers! They truly understand canines and what they need to live a happy life with their families!"
    Linda & Micheal

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