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Last updated September 1, 2023

Effective imeadiately, we are unable to accept any new feline clients. This decision was made in order to provide more focused attention on our existent feline clients. We apologize for the inconvience.

We are still aceepting canine new clients.

New Prices Effective Aufust 1, 2023

In order to better serve our clients and their pets, and properly compensate our staff for their incredible contributions, we have changed out pricing structure, effective August 1, 2023.

Dog in home consulations (2 hours) initial $210, follow up $175

Other sessions and activities will be priced on an individual basis depending on the needs of the animal and the situation.

Welcome the newest staff member


Maverick was surrendered by someone who could no longer care for him to Denver Animal Shelter. During his behavioral assessment, he growled and barked at the staff out of fear. They determined that he “needed more help than we can provide.” He was surrendered to Taysia Blue Husky Rescue and fostered with Miss Marie (after Marie was denied the ability to adopt him directly from the shelter-see below). He became a permanent member of the CF Behavior staff and Seelmeyer family on June 30, 2023.

You can follow Maverick’s journey on our facebook page.

Attempt to adopt new dog

I recently attempted to locate/adopt a sibling for “Boo”, after the passing of his big sister Moira. I was rudely made aware of a standing policy of most of the metro area animal shelters that REQUIRES all dogs owned by a potential adopter to bring their dogs to the shelter and intorduce them to potential adoptee dogs and be assessed by shelter staff for behavior compatiablity.NO exceptions, regardless of the history or references of the adopters, or the special needs of the resident (existing dog in the household). This poicy is inapproriate as it forces a rushed introduction in a high stress evironment. It jeopardizes the safety of dogs with physical restrictions by not permitting the owner to control/restrict interactions as appropriate for their dog, and the safety of both dogs by requiring potential adopters (most of who are not trained in appropriate greeting and interaction or interpretation of body language) to control and restrain their own dogs. The majority of shelter staff and volunteers at not appropriately trained in behavior assesment. By enforcing this blanket policy with no consideration for the individual adopter or situations, it dramatically increases the number of declined adoptions and subsequent euthansias due to shelter overcrowding. It also encourages potential adopters to lie about thier situation and exisiting animals in their household.

CF Behavior has always viewed each animal, family and situation as individual, and attempted to consider ALL factors in an animal’s life situation. We believe that animals are individuals and not “policies and shelter numbers”; and deserve a chance at a healthy and happy relationship with humans and other animals.

I have never allowed myself or my business to take a political side on any issue. My recent personal experience with this “blanket policy” attitude deeply affected me deeply emotionally, and I can not refuse to take a stand. Effective immeadiately CF Behavior has withdrawn any and all support of any organization who utilizes and enforces it.

Terminating all Court Evaluation Services.

Effective June 12, 2023 We will no longer be offering court evaluation services! This decision has been made due to staffing concnerns, for the safety of all. Please contact the court/animal control assigned your case for a current list of their preferred trainers.


Sadly, Miss Moira has passed on.

On May 20th, 2023, Miss Moira lost her battle with cancer. She was able to visit her kids at Anythink Wright Farms and go swimming in her final days. Her health declined rapidly on the 2oth and we released her from her pain and escorted her over the Rainbow Bridge to join Enya running through the snow, pain free and will all her limbs for eternity.

Details of a memorial fund to honor her memeory and help other dogs with cancer will be posted shortly.

Please be patient as we adjust to her loss and adapt our schedule.

Discontinuing Court Ordered Evaluations in Thornton

Effective February 25, 2023, we will no longer be conducting court ordered evaluations in Thornton or Denver. We will continue to offer court evaluations in Lakewood. We will continue to offer behavioral services to all areas within a 30 mile radius.

Canine Feline Behavior Counseling is available for all behavior needs for Dogs and Cats.

We offer services that fit you, your family, and your pets specific circumstances.

Check out our pages for additional information about us and how we can help your pets become a happy, more confident member of your family!

Our phone/office hours are:

9am to 5pm – Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and 1-5pm Sundays. We are closed on Tuesdays Fridays, and major holidays.

Please note that our appointment times may vary from the above.

To reach us, give us a call at 303-378-5987 or

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