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To help support our local animal shelters and rescue groups, Cf Behavior will be donating 2% of our net income each month to a different organization.

The next group chosen to be the recipient of our donation program will be The Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue and is in memory of Rocky – beloved member of the CF Behavior Family.

To learn more about their work visit…


Please help share this message and help us “Paw it Forward”!

Canine Feline Behavior Counseling is available for any behavior needs for your Cats and Dogs!

We offer services that fit you, your family, and your pets specific circumstances.

Check out our pages for additional information about us and how we can help your pets become a happy, more confident member of your family!

In order to devote more attention to our clients (both human and animal) Miss Marie is often out of the office. Miss Sue is our office administrator and qualified behavior counselor. She handles most of our communications and is happy to answer your questions.

Our appointment hours vary, therefore, we respond to all correspondence and phone messages as soon as possible. Our phone hours are:

9am to 5pm – Monday through Saturday

To reach us, give us a call at 303-537-5146 or email us at info@helpwithcrazypets.biz