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Website Updated March 6, 2023

Update on Miss Moira

She has her 4th chemo treatment (of 6) March 7, 2023. The infection at her surgery incision is healing. Hopefully she will be able to begin her underwater treadmill next week. Her mobility and stability continue to be good/bad depending on the day, but I am hopefully that the treadmill will help this.

All of this means that my work routine can return to something resembling normal. I should be able to return calls, texts and emails within 24 hours and begin to resume a more normal appointment scheduling routine.

It has been a very challenging two and a half months-hard for me to believe that is has only been 2 1/2 months- since she was diagnosed. It seems like a lifetime.

I want to thank everyone that has been supportive and patient through this time. I do ask for everyone’s understanding if things need to change and when her time comes to cross over.

Discontinuing Court Ordered Evaluations in Thornton

Effective February 25, 2023, we will no longer be conducting court ordered evaluations in Thornton or Denver. We will continue to offer court evaluations in Lakewood. We will continue to offer behavioral services to all areas within a 30 mile radius.


In order to better accommodate Moira’s care, I have changed our office hours. The office will now be closed on Tuesday mornings and all day Wednesdays. I will be available all day Sundays. the new hours effective Feb 1st are Monday, Thursday, Friday-Sunday 9 am -6pm, Tuesdays 1pm-6pm. I appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding.

Sadly, Miss Moira has bone cancer!

Effective December 19th, 2022, Miss Moira has been retired as enforcer, classroom referee and teacher. due to osteosarcoma-bone cancer.

As you can imagine, fighting cancer and strengthening her mobility is a demanding process. I am asking everyone to be patient/understanding with scheduling and replying to communications.

On December 29th, after breaking her leg, she underwent an emergency amputation. She began chemotherapy on January 2nd. Our goal is for her to resume her role as READ and therapy dog as soon as possible, and for as long as possible.

Osteosarcoma is very aggressive, and we are going to fight it just as aggressively. With chemo, the average life expectancy is 10-12 months. Some dogs make it 14 months. We did catch this fairly early, and began treatment right away, so we are hopeful she will be with us for the longer end of this prediction. She has a great team of doctors and veterinary technicians (have to give technicians the credit they deserve) at Animal Emergency and Specialty Center and Balanced Animal Wellness supporting us.

We as asking everyone to make her next year as fantastic as possible. Of course everyone on her veterinary team is treating her like the princess that she is .We also want to be sure to support Blue/Boo through this. I want to thank David, Andi, Erin and Ellen for helping give him a full life and build his confidence to move forward when his big sister crosses over. I also want to thank everyone for their incredible emotional support. People who are experiencing their own life crises have taken time out to check in on us and pray for her.

Check our facebook page for recent updates on her progress.

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