Our Philosophy

It is our belief that inappropriate behaviors may result from other causes.

We focus on identifying the causes and any contributing factors to the behavior(s).

We take a holistic approach (restoring balance between mind, spirit/emotions, body and environment) and utilize a variety of tools and modalities to modify behavior.

The tools/modalities we use include:

Client/Human Education-We believe that integrating all human family members in the training/behavior modification process is crucial to success.

Environmental/Dietary changes

Continuity of Care for your Pet – We work with your veterinarian to identify and address medical issues that may affect behavior modification training.


Acupressure massage

Herbal/Supplemental Recommendations (Based on Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine principles)

Balanced Training Techniques Including:

Appropriate Corrections (usually verbal)-Telling the animal what behavior you do not want.

Redirection-Demonstrating what behavior you do want.

Positive Reinforcement-Rewarding the behavior that you want

Mimicry-Learning from other dogs (Having specially trained dogs correct and demonstrate appropriate behavior).

Utilizations of any/all tools (including different types of leashes, collars, etc..) appropriate and safest for individual animals and situations.

Humane safety and restraint methods as required. – We do not believe that only one style of training works for all animals and all situations.