Updated January 14, 2021

Mr. Ranger 

October 4, 2006-September 12, 2019

On September 12, 2020, Mr Ranger crossed over the rainbow bridge at age 12-1 month shy of his 13th birthday.  

He joined our family in 2011 when his former family could no longer provide a house and fenced yard for him. His first act upon entering our yard was to try to hump Miss Enya! She promptly flipped him on his back and threatened to neuter him in the middle of the backyard. 🙂 He became very respectful of her.

Enya taught him how to show other dogs to behave around, and interact with, other dogs.  He even taught a postal carrier not be afraid of dogs, after having been seriously bit.

Ranger was demo dog for classes and dog reactive dogs, as well as teaching many therapy dogs to bring great joy to others. In 2014, Ranger became a Certified Therapy dog.

He played Santa Paws during the Christmas Parades each year; marched with his baby sister Moira in the Colorado Springs Parade of Lights for 2 years and was quite the lady’s man.

He loved all girls, both human and dog. He was even a playboy for his last Halloween parade. He was big brother and mentor to Moira. He taught Moira how to play nicely, but still be an enforcer. 

Those that Ranger helped share their stories on the Remembering Ranger Page.


Jessie (aka Daisy) 2003(?)-2017

Red Eared Slider Turtle

Demo Turtle, Enforcer, Morale booster

Jessie was adopted from a client in 2013. She had outgrown two sets of children. The children grew up and went off to their lives, leaving their parents to care for Jessie.

Jessie was known as Daisy in her former life. When she came to live and work at Canine/Feline Behavior Counseling, her name was changed to Jessie, in memory of Marie’s great grandmother.

Jessie spent her days watching the world from her tank, periodically exploring the basement floor (tormenting Eddie) and helping teach puppies and dogs the meaning of “leave-it.”

She became affectionately (or not) known as the “moving, hissing rock”. Jessie also added comic relief, by doing turtle acrobatics or, on bad days, spitting out food that she had already eaten that week (she insisted on something different for breakfast each day).

On December 13, 2017, she was found deceased in her tank. She will be deeply missed.

Eddie Munster 2007(?) to  July 2017

Registered Therapy Cat, Demo Cat, Enforcer

Eddie Munster was adopted from Table Mountain Animal Center in October of 2008. He actually volunteered himself for adoption! 

I was looking for a kitten to raise as a therapy cat, as a demo cat and to work with dogs. I had picked out a beautiful little grey kitten and was turning to leave when something grabbed my ponytail and yanked. I whipped around and there sat Eddie, just looking straight at me, with my hair stuck in his paw. He seemed to be saying, “I am just what you ordered, sitting right here the whole time.”

Because we got him right before Halloween, we decided he had to have a Halloween name, and Pumpkin was not it. When we got home, the first thing that Eddie did was curl up next to me to watch the “Munsters” marathon on TV. Hence the name Eddie Munster. He really was just what I ordered.

He instantly took to his job as therapy and demo cat, with an “I love everyone” attitude. His philosophy on life was “There is nothing that some petting can’t fix.” For nine years, Eddie was therapy cat extraordinaire, visiting several nursing homes and building his little harem of “lady friends” at each stop.

He helped teach puppy and socialization class, reminding the dogs that not being gentle meant getting swatted or punched in the nose. He even went to clients’ homes and did private tutoring with their dogs on proper etiquette of interactions with kitties. Through all of it, he never once used his claws. He always sat quietly no matter how big the dog that was lunging at him. When the dog got too close, he calmly balled up his paws like a fist, and “SMACK!”…right in the nose. Rarely did any dog need a second lesson.

The love of Eddie’s life was Miss Mattie, who misses him terribly. They took months to get along after Mattie came to live with us. Once they decided to get along, they had been a “married couple” ever since. They slept together, played together, fought (with Eddie always losing and having skin ripped from his face, despite the fact Mattie is declawed and he was not), and then were right back to sleeping together. Whenever Eddie left for work (dog tutoring or therapy visits) Mattie sat by the door waiting for him to come home.

Eddie’s nemesis was Jessie the turtle. He was terrified of the “moving rock.” Whenever Jessie was loose on the floor, and we could not find her, we looked for Eddie. He would be at the furthest point in the room away from Jessie. Find Eddie and draw a straight line to the farthest distance. There would be Jessie.

Eddie’s death on July 7, 2017 was not only tragic but shocking. He went from a healthy cat to kidney failure in less than 48 hours. The exact cause of the sudden kidney failure is not known. (He did not have access to any poison or other cats).

For such a little cat, Eddie left huge pawprints on so many hearts and is deeply missed. So many dogs will never have the pleasure of being taught proper interaction with a kitty.

Michelle –

A dear friend of Canine/Feline Behavior and Joyous Paws Pet Therapy!

Sadly, Michelle passed away November, 2017.

She was a wonderful person and is greatly missed!

Emma Krauer-Seelmeyer
September 1991-September 2004

Emma was born in September 1991 of German police dog parents, destined to become the next generation of canine law enforcement. Or was she? She began intensive training at an early age and was enrolled in the police academy before her second birthday. Although she learned new skills very quickly, she never quite fit in. She was a future police dog who would not bite. Emma loved everyone and wanted desperately to be loved in return. Repeated attempts were made to teach Emma fear and anger, including physical abuse. Rather than attack, Emma became frightened and distrusting.

One day a retired police officer saw Emma’s situation and intervened. Emma’s destiny was forever changed that day. Mary Krauer became not only her savior but her new “mom” as well. The two rapidly became inseparable. Emma spent the next 10 years being a devoted and protective companion to Mary. Even though trusting people was very difficult for Emma, she gradually made friends with her neighbor, Carol (who loved Emma as her own), and Marie (the veterinary technician who comforted and cared for Emma during doctor’s visits).

As Mary’s health deteriorated, Emma did her best to care for and protect her “mom”; but a German Shepherd dog can only do so much to help her beloved human. One day Mary was taken away to the hospital and Emma became very frightened. Then her friend Marie came. Marie took Emma to visit her “mom”. Even though the hospital was a very frightening place with strange people and smells; there were also wonderful people there who loved Emma at first sight.

Emma was able to return home with her beloved “mom”, but only for a short time. Mary remained very ill. Emma tried very hard to care for her “mom” until one day Mary did not respond. Emma was confused and terrified. She was trapped in her house with her “mom’s” body. Even Emma knew that Mary’s body was all that remained. Her spirit had departed. For two days, Emma ate from the trash can and tried to figure out how to get help. After two days, Emma risked her own life and jumped through a window to get help. She ran around her yard barking wildly, trying to get someone to help her. After a very lonely and frantic night alone, Emma saw Carol. (Carol knew that Emma was never outside at night, so something must be wrong). Emma was overjoyed to see Carol enter the fence. Emma was immediately taken to Carol’s house and given the first real food in three days. Emma’s “mom” was taken away and Emma never saw her again.

Emma was very frightened and confused. All that she had known for most of her life was suddenly gone. What would happen to her now?

Marie came, and Emma’s life changed again. Emma went to live with her friend Marie, and experienced many new and exciting things. Now Emma had dog “siblings” to play with. She went hiking in the mountains, played in dog parks and met many new people who loved her. Emma’s new “sisters” showed her how wonderful it was to visit hospitals and nursing homes. Within months, Emma had earned her Therapy Dog Registration and had more friends that she could ever imagine.

Emma was getting older and despite the best care available, her muscles began to weaken. One morning she simply could not hold herself up any anymore and collapsed. She was rushed to the hospital and received exceptional love and care for two days. Despite the wonderful care, she lost the ability to lift her head, or control her bladder. With her new family and many of her new friends gathered around her, Emma was released from her body. Her spirit went to join her “first mom” Mary.

Emma will always be loved and remembered as the police academy dropout with the heart of a therapy dog.

Miss Enya 2009(?)-2014

Registered Therapy Dog,

Enforcer, Singing Malamute

To read Enya’s story and how she touched so many lives, visit Enya’s Wall


Finnish Spitz/Chow Chow mix born April 1993

Rescued from a creek in Georgia

Registered Therapy Dog, Canine Good Citizen

For those of you who knew Miss Niladvyi, my Princess and Lead Dog for 14 years, she is truly an angel now.

On Monday, August 20, 2007 at 2:15 pm., she was released from her failing body, her heart stopped and she was given the eternal peace that she deserved.

As some of you know, her mental capacity had been deteriorating over the previous two years, due to Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (doggy Alzeihmers). She had two collapsed disks in her neck, which gradually decreased her movement and, eventually, control of her hind quarters

Thanks to the wonderful efforts of Drs. Deanna Miller, Jonathan Quint and Monica Overman, her life (and quality of life) were greatly extended. In her last week, she began chewing on her joints, in reaction to pain or numbness.

I felt that she needed to be released from her failing body and mind to enjoy the rest that she had earned through 14 years of faithful service, friendship and support.

She spent her last moments in the grass and sunshine that she loved, sitting in her mommy’s lap, with her daddy and Aunt Deanna there.

She was an angel with fur, and now she has shed that fur and become a true angel. Her spirit will remain with me always.

I want to thank Dr. Deanna Miller and Mary Cook at Pets Vet of Arvada for their wonderful care or her, through the years, and especially during Nila’s last moments. They made a painful good-bye easier for me and more pleasant for Nila. I also want to thank Kristina Durham for her support in making a painful, but necessary decision.

I want to thank everyone who has been so understanding and supportive. This good-bye would have been much more difficult without you.

Thank you all for your love and support of Nila through the years.

Diddy Siberian Husky born 1995

Rescued from Aurora Animal Shelter

Registered Therapy Dog

November 15, 2007 Diddy went to join her sister Nila, over the rainbow bridge. They are back together, happily romping in the snow. No more weakness, no more pain, no more seizures.

Diddy spent her last day on this earth walking through Cherry Creek Reservoir, eating cheeseburgers, going to the park with her boys (our sons that she raised) and pretending she was flying out the car window.

I want to thank Dr. Deanna Miller and Kristina Durham for helping Diddy leave her failing body with such dignity and honor.

Diddy’s ashes were buried with her sister/doggy best friend Nila in a private ceremony. Their life lives on through the maple tree, as their love lives on in the many lives they have touched.

Thank you for all the love and support you gave Miss Diddy during her lifetime.

Rocky-therapy cat
Domestic shorthair born June 1999                                                       

Rescued from a trailer park

Rocky crossed over the rainbow bridge to join his sisters Nila and Diddy on June 8, 2008, as a result of dog-bite injuries.

Rocky, known as the one-eyed wonder, office cat, therapy cat, and class demo, always will be greatly missed. He would have been 9 years old a month after his death.

Rocky was buried with his favorite wrestling buddy, Miss Diddy, beneath her evergreen tree.

“My beloved dog Zaza’ has taken her final journey over the Rainbow Bridge. Zaza’ came into my life in 2003 as a little puppy and during her time here she brought me and many others great joy. In her short life, she became a Canine Good Citizen and a Therapy Dog. She was such a sweet and gentle girl who gave big kisses freely. Zaza‘ in her brief 5 years, had great times – she traveled from coast to coast, she ran on the beaches of Oregon and attended my 40th birthday party on a New York river cruise.

She fought her cancer bravely and endured many operations as well as Chemo, but unfortunately it was her time to go. She passed with dignity surrounded by her family and friends. I will miss her deeply and will shed many tears but, I know she is in a place now where she feels no more pain and is surrounded by great love. I am thankful she was part of my life and that she got to meet and love Zoey before she died.

Thanks to my friends and family for all their support during these difficult times. Goodbye my lovely pup. I will love you forever. “

—Submitted by Gisella

Here is my favorite photo of Franklin. “He was my ‘nurse’, hero and best friend. “Frank” was an original, a love, and brought happiness to all who met him.” (a quote from his friends and family).

Isaac Newton

Saint Bernard mix born March 2008

Adopted from Freedom Service Dogs November 2008

Sheena Miller

Siberian Husky born 1999; 

Rescued from streets                                                   

Demonstration Dog, Training AssistantRegistered Therapy Dog, READ Dog, Canine Good Citizen


Chow Chow/Shepherd Mix born ?, 

Rescued from euthanasia

Demonstration Dog, Training Assistant,  Registered Therapy Dog, READ Dog, Canine Good Citizen

June 22, 1998-September 24, 2012

Tanner was a cherished family member and friend. When I first met Tanner he hid in the kitchen barking at me. Over time he showed his loving side and will always hold a space in my heart.

He struggled with cancer for over two years, brave and steadfast, with his “mom” by his side. Tanner is an inspiration to both humans and dogs in so many ways.

See more of Tanner’s story under Pink Panters.



Taka’s life was cut tragically short at 18 months of age. Rescued from a shelter, Taka spent his last year with two loving families, his wonderful human parents and his second family/dog-sitter Miss Marie. He learned to play ball with his doggy sister Bella, run with his mom, pass his Canine Good Citizen test, pull a sled and even perfect his “Woohoo!” He was a husky angel in this life, and now watches over his Nordic brethren.



Bella’s best friend and a beloved family member.  Running buddy, side kick, demo dog and Ranger’s nemesis 🙂

Photo Unavailable.


Belgian Malinois born October 2005

Adopted from Front Range German Shepherd Rescue December 2007

Thank you to everyone for your incredible support after Heidi crossed the rainbow bridge. Several people have asked how to best honor her memory. Please make a donation to Front Range German Shepherd Rescue in her memory. Donations will go to help other Shepherds find loving forever homes.

You can donate at (go to bottom left corner and click on make a donation). Heidi thanks you for helping others like her find forever homes.


Beloved by family and friend, Zelda passed November 2014.

Vicki Hayden
Crossed over February 10, 2015

A good friend, mentor and inspiration. Without your support, I would not be in Colorado, I would not have finished my degree, and Canine/Feline Behavior Counseling may not exist. May all the animals you have helped welcome you and guide you in your journey over the rainbow bridge.


On Feb 15, 2016 Timon passed across the rainbow bridge to join his teacher Miss Enya.

Timon began his life in 2006 in Byers, Colorado. He joined his human family with his litter mate Pumba. The brother/sister duo rampaged through life being playmates, and trouble-times-two for their human mom Sarah.

When Timon enticed his sister into slipping out of the yard and chasing a smaller dog, he earned him and his sister lessons with Marie and Miss Enya.

All Timon ever wanted to do was love and play. The only thing bigger than his heart and smile was his tongue. Timon was nicknamed “Timon the Tongue”, because of the extraordinary length of his tongue, which never fit completely into his mouth. He experienced life through that tongue-licking everyone and everything he came into contact with. (Miss Enya offered to shorten the tongue when Timon tried to lick her face:).

After 10 years of living it large, Timon’s big heart finally gave out. He left behind his loving mom Sarah and devoted sister Pumba — and all of those he licked through his life.

Buddy 2008-2016

“Buddy was rescued from a foreclosed home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, during the winter of 2008. At that time in Tulsa, the only options for a pit bull were to either take him to the pound or take him home.

As soon as I brought Buddy home, he and Mumbles became inseparable. They played together, escaped from the backyard together, and they (somehow) always managed to fit together in one small dog bed. They were best friends for eight years. Buddy loved trying to get treats out of his squirrel dude, he loved to play and wrestle with the extra sheets/blankets we gave him, and his favorite place to sleep was at the foot of our bed with Mumbles by his side.

We still miss Buddy, but I think Mumbles misses him even more than we do. I know that Buddy’s life would have ended very quickly if I had taken him to the pound back when I found him. I am thankful that we were able to give him a chance, give him a home, and give him love every day he was with us. “

— Submitted by Katie