Remembering Ranger

Updated  February 12, 2021

                                                  We created this page to share memories, photos, stories or praises of Mr. Ranger.  


Ranger's Final Photo. REST IN PEACE my friend.

Goodbye Big Brother
by Moira

Goodbye Ranger

You were my big brother

My fist day at home
When I felt scared and alone
You showed me

That other big dogs were okay
With them,
you taught me how to trust
and to play

You protected and corrected me
You gave me confidence
and taught me to stand on my own

You were my mentor
and my hero

You helped me find my voice
and now, 
in your honor
I howl

Because of you,
I can stand on my own

I no longer need to hold your tail,
I can face the world on my own.

Thank you brother
for molding my life
and my heart
with your paws.

Because of you,
I can now
teach my little brother
As you taught me. 

Moira and Ranger

Miss Moira says - "Thank you big brother for raising me. I would not be such a wonderful girl without your tough and loving guidance. Of course there is the one time you dumped me in the trash :), but I forgive you for that. I will do my very best to make you proud and be a good big sister when my turn comes. "

Ranger at library

"Thank you for reading with us"-Children at Denver Public Library

You taught me how to greet other dogs, and not get my nose bit off"-Dax

xmas parade 2015

Thank you for joining us for the Festival of Lights Parade (2015)-Husky Huddle Malamute Mingle

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