Graduates 2017


The first graduates of 2017!

Canine Socialization Class graduates Jan. 1, 2017:

Odie and Laurel, Arlo and Mary

Canine Basics graduate Feb. 12, 2017:

Hazel and her mom Erin

Canine Basics graduate March 12, 2017:

Odie and Laurel

Canine Basics graduate March 12, 2017:

Arlo and Mary

Canine Basics graduates April 1, 2017:

Katy  with Lexi, Steve with Pico, Kristin with Shaney

Canine Socialization graduates March 26, 2017:

Ernie, Christian with Poncho and Rudy; Charlotte with Nellie

Star Puppy graduating class, April 9, 2017:

David and daughter with Ollie; Brandon with Sammie;

Brittany with Hunter; Kelly with Dixie; Maria and daughter with Marley

Therapy Dog Academy graduates July 23, 2017:

April and Linus; Eddie and Teeka; Laurie and Jessie.

Canine Socialization Class graduates July 30, 2017:

Lisl and Hugo;  Martha and Winston

Star Puppy Class graduates, August 20, 2017:

Justin and Blue;  Ashley and Luna

Canine Socialization Class graduates, October 16, 2017:  

Judy, Willow and Bill