Graduates 2018-2019

GRADUATES 2018 & 2019

AKC Star Puppy Class December 9, 2019:

Alma and Alexander


Canine Socialization Class November 18, 2018:

Moji with teacher Tyson


Canine Socialization Class August 26, 2018:

Cara and Beasley; Anna and Ava


Therapy Dog Academy August 25, 2108:

Michele and Hershey

Puppy Socialization Class July 15, 2018:

Melanie and Duke

Canine Socialization Class July 1, 2018:

Sarah and Kiara; Lindsay and Oliver; Leslie and Pepper

AKC Star Puppy Class, May 27, 2018:

Erin and Loch; Nan and Ellie Mae

Therapy Dog Academy April 14, 2018:

Carolyn and David with Rosie

Canine Socialization Class March 25, 2018:

Jerry and Ouray, Dana and Gracie, Deanna and Gunner, Teacher Tyson

Canine Socialization Class, February 17, 2018: Anna and Luna; Kathy and Kacey

Therapy Dog Academy February 18, 2018:

Sarah and Diesel