Winner’s Circle – 2005 thru 2009

Updated April 4, 2022


Rhemmy was the most improved dog in the Socialization class. For over a year Rhemmy has run from Miss Marie and most strangers. By the end of class, Rhemmy was meeting and greeting strangers and other dogs. He even let the apprentices (Bri/Leonna) walk him away from his mom and grandma.


Rayna was a stray and hit by a train. Rescued and “stitched back together”, Rayna remained very fearful of other dogs and humans. She lunged at Miss Marie and Enya during their first meeting. When adopted, Rayna did not even know how to play with toys. Everything in her world was a fight for survival. After 2 months of work with Miss Marie and Enya, Rayna was able to attend class and greet other dogs politely. She won the Most Improve Dog award in her Good Manners Class.


Little Conrad had worked with several other trainers and still launched himself at any passing dog. He terrorized his neighborhood. Then he met Miss Marie and Miss Enya! In October, Conrad took his first trip to the dog park, and has been enjoying his new doggy friends every since. He walks with his mom every day, like a gentleman. Conrad was voted most improved in his October Canine Socialization Class



Cujo lived up to his name! Lunging at every human who came into his house, especially the mail carrier. After 3 months of intensive work, Cujo not passed his Canine Good Citizen test, but greets people politely. He still barks at the mail carrier, but no longer considers postal workers lunch.


Sally used to lunge at other dogs on leash and try to bit humans. She was terrified of almost everything. In this photo she is receiving an award for being the most improved dog in her therapy dog class. Two weeks before, Sally played Easter bunny at a local nursing home! (See photo under pet therapy)


My first meeting with Walter consisted of him biting at my face and neck several times, and him urinating all over his apartment and me. After 3 months of nutritional therapy, behavior modification, treatment of a urinary infection and 6 weeks of Good Manners class, Walter passed his Canine Good Citizenship Test with flying colors. He excelled in class, and now greets humans and other dogs politely. Walter has been invited back as a demo dog for future puppies to learn manners from.


Testimonial from Goodie’s “Dad” – When seeking a female standard poodle puppy, I sought a pup that would fit in (be on the submissive side) with my other standards Elle and Moses given their age and Moses’ health challenges. The breeder in California told me per the temperament testing, that Goodie fit the bill. Well, Goodie turned out to be an Alpha Wanna Be with health challenges. Now as the first past chairman of Delta Society’s Beyond Limits to train trainers for assistance dogs and the former chairperson of the Assistance Dog United Campaign, I’ve been around quite a few trainers and trainers with Phds who couldn’t get a dog to come. Marie was able to teach this old dog (not just Goodie) some new tricks and help to integrate Goodie into this household despite the incorrect temperament evaluation – which is no small trick especially given a too smart for her own good pup who had her doddering Dog-father wrapped around her paws.

Elly, Nicole, Franklin and Winston

Winston was seen for inappropriate urination in the house. Franklin and Winston would not respond to commands and were difficult to walk. After 2 sessions, all three dogs were well mannered and excited about the new baby due in the family in September.


Most improved dog in star puppy class. Mater didn’t think he would graduate from puppy class because he didn’t want to listen to his “parents”. He loved to torment his family cats. In a “come from behind” , and with some help from Eddie Munster kitty, Mater graduated the top of his star puppy class!

Max & Sally

Once upon a time….there was a dog named Max. Max was rescued from an abusive home where another dog beat him up very badly. The other dog left scars on Max’s face and on top of his head. Max was adopted by loving man and woman and was happy. One day, his owners noticed that Max looked lonesome so they decided to get him a playmate. They found a dog that was very similar to Max at a kennel. The man and woman decided to name her Sally. Max loved his new sister, but was very jealous. Max got so jealous, that one day when Max felt he was being ignored, he peed on the bed. The man and woman got very angry with Max. Max was good for a little while but then did it several more times. The man and woman decided to call Marie Seelmeyer for help. Marie came over and worked with the man, woman, Max and Sally. Max learned to be good. The man and woman learned how to become leaders of the pack. Sally learned to sit. And they all lived Happily Ever After!


Akita and Chesapeake Bay Retriever Mix (brother to Cheyenne ) Age 4 months Concern: Dominance Aggression Treatment: Neutering, Leadership and Obedience Training Outcome: Graduated Canine Good Manners, obedient and well adjusted.

Rizzo Sunnen

Most Improved Dog 2005 Jack Russell Terrier Age 2 years Concern: dominance and possession aggression, lack of training History: running from owners, snapping at owners and other dog ( Labrador ) in household, especially around food and toys. Incessant demands for attention, uncontrollable jumping, humping and mounting. Treatment: leadership training with owners, obedience training. Outcome: Graduated Canine Good Manners, well adjusted and obedient. (Very happy owners and Labrador!)

Winston Wannamaker

Most Improved Dog 2006 Bull Terrier Age (at initial consultation) 6 months Concern: Obsessive/compulsive tail chasing and spinning, severe anxiety History: obtained from breeder. Tail chasing began at very young age and worsened with time. Spinning and tail chasing for hours without stopping, ran into walls. When held, to stop tail chasing, nipped and began very mouthy. Relaxed in crate, but began chewing tail when strangers entered home. Jumping and nipping at people’s faces. Tip of tail chewed to bloody stump. Treatment: anti-anxiety medication, leadership training for owners, neutering, Dog Appeasing Pheromone, and intensive behavior modification. Outcome: rarely circles. Stops when told. Anxiety managed with alternative activities, Graduated Canine Good Manners, calm around children and in new situations. Anxiety manageable.

Murphy Fink (right)

Most improved dog – runner up 2005 – Bull Terrier and Corgi Mix – age ? Concern: Dominance and Possession Aggression History: Stealing food and objects from owners and other dog (Great Pyrenees), growling at owner. Treatment: leadership and obedience training Outcome: Graduated Canine Good Manners, Registered Therapy Dog

Toffee Miller

Most improved dog-runner up 2006 Chow Chow/Shepherd Mix Age (at initial consultation) 4 Concern: impulse control concerns, especially with cats or when agitated, aggressive towards wheeled objects. Treatment: behavior modification, leadership training, and thyroid supplementation. Outcome: Registered Therapy Dog and Canine Good Citizen.

Murphy Vranek

Most Improved Dog-Runner Up 2006 Wheaton Terrier Concern: aggression towards male owner, anxiety Treatment: Leadership Training and Behavior Modification Outcome: Respectful of owners, happy and well adjusted.

Dolly Kreiger

Most Improved dog-Honorable Mention- 2006 Belgian Shepherd Age 6 months Concern: fearful of humans, severe anxiety Treatment: Anti-anxiety Medication, Leadership and Good Manners Training, and Behavior Modification Outcome: “Thank you for bringing Dolly and me closer together” –Becky


History: Kodiak is a Finnish Spitz who was very nervous in class. He barked and snapped at strangers, especially men. Outcome: Kodiak completed Canine Good Manners and was awarded his Canine Good Citizenship. He is a happy member of his family. 


History: Camille was extremely fearful and fear aggressive. Camille was referred to Canine Behavior Counseling for repeatedly trying to bite her vet and vet’s staff members. Outcome: Camille was treated with an anti-anxiety herbal mix, and slowly resocalized, both out in the world and at her vet. This photo was taken at Dr. Shannon’s (her vet) office with members of the staff that Camille tried to bite 3 months previously.


History: (Whippet mix) after working with 3 other trainers, Sophie continued to be very aggressive towards other dogs, and at the door. She was not allowed off leash around other dogs. Outcome: Although Sophie is still learning, she no longer barks viscously at the front door. She enjoys quiet and clam walks with her owner, and attended her first dog party at Miss Marie’s. She is learning to play appropriately with other dogs and her owner is learning how to read Sophie’s body language and actions to determine when Sophie may be behaving inappropriately at the dog park.

Little Rock Cordes

History: (Lab) very anxious, aggressive towards other dogs and strangers, exhibited obsessive compulsive behaviors and was completely unable to focus on commands. Outcome: Little Rock greets strangers by sitting, is able to respond to commands, has stopped all obsessive behaviors and can go to the dog park. He is currently off all medication (originally used to treat his obsessive behaviors).