Behavior Tidbits -For The Cats

Cats are Family Too!

Cats….they’re mischievous at times, and they might love to lay across your keyboard while you’re working or enjoy knocking things off your desk, shelves or counters for no particular reason, but if you ask us, that’s entirely part of their charm — and a big reason why we love them so much.

Not only are they adorable (because seriously, they’re so cute), they’re also fiercely independent, curious, make us laugh, are loyal — and can make amazing lifelong companions for you and your family.

Cats and kittens, however, may also need some help in seeing our world from a different perspective and may need to learn how to get along with their fellow cat siblings, dogs or other pet family members. Or, they may be having litterbox concerns that are not making for a happy home life! That is where behavior modification can help.

Hold your cursor over the Tidbits for cats tab and select the page(s) that you are interested in. These pages will provide you with guidelines and walk you through some of the steps to work on with your cat(s).

If you find that you need additional assistance, contact us at [email protected] or call us at 303-537-5146 – we are here to help!