Introducing New Dogs

Updated January 3, 2021

The following information is a Guideline to Introducing Dogs,

previously unknown to one another. 

New dogs should always be introduced on neutral ground away from either dog’s home. (If necessary introduce dogs in a yard, rather than indoors. Dogs can become territorial inside their home).

The new dog should be placed in the yard first. Allow the new dog to wander around, small and possibly mark for 5-10 minutes

Bring the resident dog into the yard on a leash. Have the resident dog turn his/her side towards the new dog. Allow the dogs to circle one another and smell one another. Only allow smelling on the side or rear of the body. Do not allow dogs to greet nose to nose.

If both dogs are calm, release the resident dog. Watch closely for several minutes. Intervene immediately if the dogs stare at each other, attempt to mount or hump or growl. Repeat the initial introduction procedure (step 3).

When dogs are relaxed and playing, take new dog into house. Give new dog a few minutes to smell and explore house. Have someone place new dog in down/stay and hold in this position.

Bring resident dog into house and have resident dog stand or sit in front of new dog to signal higher position in the household hierarchy.  Gradually release new dog. New dog should willingly remain in down position.  Speak quietly and reassuringly during this process, to calm both dogs. Perform acupressure massage.

Your routine should remain as consistent as possible. Continue to spend time with the resident dog and do not change feeding or exercise routine. Resist the desire to lavish the new dog with attention and special toys. All dogs in the household should be treated equally.

Maintain the established hierarchy within the household.

Dog Appeasing Pheromone or Sentry dog calming diffuser may help to ease tensions.

Be sure each dog in the household has their own space, bed or kennel and food and water bowls. Feed each dog in or near its “place”.