Winner’s Circle – 2020 thru 2021

Updated April 4, 2022


Polar Bear

Polar Bear was adopted as a Great Pyrenees from a rescue days before  he was  scheduled to be euthanized. When Marie and Andi first entered his apartment, he lunged at them barking violently. His humans perception  of him changed when they learned that he was truly an Maremma Sheepdog (

These dogs are not bred to be house pets, are very protective and very distrustful of strangers. They had a difficult decision to make whether they could provide him a happy home, or if an appropriate home could be found for him. They chose to work with him and adapt their lives as much as possible. Through diligent work and strict enforcement of appropriate leadership and respect, with our guidance, Polar Bear slowly learned to go for walks and ignore approaching strangers and other dogs. He even lets Miss Marie and Miss Sue walk him away from his humans.  He has learned that visitors are ok, if his humans welcome them; but he could still fiercely protect his home and family against unwelcome strangers. Polar Bear has become a treasured family member. He is a shining example of how rewarding it can be accepting and respecting an animal for who they truly are.  



Poppy came to us a nervous and anxious dog. Her family had a lot of difficulty just having a “normal” daily walk with her. They just wanted a happy, healthy, well behaved dog that they could love and would walk with the kids calmly……

Look at her today: Poppy’s Mom sends this update

“Can you believe this is our Poppy! She is the best dog ever!”