To our many clients both past and present, we congratulate you on your successes and thank you for allowing us to be a part of helping you to achieve a happy, healthy, bonded relationship with your pet(s).

For the dogs we have come to know and love, you made it through the first – and sometimes scary – introductions in class, you caught on to sitting and staying very well, you became very polite and took treats easy from all your friends, you learned to respect your family and wait at every door until they told you it was ok to go, you walked politely with all of your family – even with the smallest person in the home, you remembered how to “stop the stare” by “looking away” from other dogs that are approaching and you played nicely with your doggie friends and the humans that love you!

For our kitty and cat friends, we are so proud of how far you have come! You learned how to share your space and get along with the other pet(s) in the home, you learned how to interact with appropriate toys and keep your mind occupied, you worked out any litterbox issues that you may have had and are the happier for it and, you graduated with honors – Nice Job!!!

For all of you, we wish you continued success with your four legged family members! We are always here if you should need any further assistance.

Happy Tails to you All!!!

Ok, everyone, class is beginning. Please pay attention!!

Learning Sit and Stay

We must all learn to sit and stay when instructed to!

Next, we must learn that our Humans like

all of their fingers. So, taking treats nicely

is a MUST!!

No bolting out of doors in front of our family. We will learn to sit and wait at every door until our family tells us it is safe to go out (or come in). They really do have our best interests at heart….love our humans!!

Now, we have to learn that we cannot pull our family in all sorts of directions. If we walk nicely with them and keep the leash loose, we will explore all different parts of this wonderful world that we live in and do it with the people we love the most!

We have to learn that lunging and barking at anything that approaches is not necessary, our Family has our back, we do not need to take charge all of the time. Learning to look away from those things that make us excited, scared, anxious and nervous really is the best plan of action and we will find that all of those things that are making us feel this way really aren’t so scary after all!

Remember, if we do all of the things we have been taught correctly, we will be able to play properly with other dogs, other humans, and even with other cats. Now that is a good life!!!

Education is not only for the Dogs. We cats sometimes need help too!

We will learn how to nicely share our space with our family, other cats and possibly some other dogs in the home.

We will know where our place in the group really is and that will help us relax and have more time to have fun with everyone we live with or with people that come to visit us!

Our humans will learn what toys are the best for us!

Yes, imagine that, Humans can learn new tricks too!

Finally, Graduation!!!

If we play our cards right, take in all the information that we are given and don’t knock a lot of things that Mom or Dad value off of the shelves, we will get all the love, snuggles and playtime that we could ever dream of.

Cat’s do Rule, after all!!!

Congratulations to All of You!!!

If anyone you know – family, friends, neighbors – are in need of assistance with their pet(s), we love referrals! Send all inquiries to [email protected] or call us at 303-537-5146. We will send you our required questionnaire and develop the best plan for your specific circumstances. You, and your pet too, could be included in our accomplished Graduates of Canine/Feline Behavior Counseling, LLC!

If you are interested in participating in our Apprentice Program, please contact us directly at 303-537-5146 or by email at [email protected].