Therapy Pets

The following are the teams that were trained by CF Behavior Counseling, LLC and certified through Joyous Paws Pet Therapy! These teams are all volunteers and their pets who strive to bring Joy, Happiness and Smiles to children and adults alike – we are so grateful for their time and their compassion to all that they visit!

Our newest team 

Samantha, Trevor and Koda

Certified Aug 21, 2021

Marie & Henry Hudson cert 2018

Marie & Moira with Ranger (deceased) Cert 2005

Gisella with Zoey and Ziggy

Joanne and Teddy Bear November 2019

Jackie and Kizzy November 2019

Kristen and Bruce October 2019

April and Fannie August 2018

Jackie and Moose August 2018

Jackie and Squirrel August 2018

Katherine and Ruby September 2018

Michelle and Hershey September 2018

Sarah and Diesel March 2019

Robert and Trixie January 2018

April and Linus October 2017

Our First Team!

Jackie and Houston (deceased) and Suki June 2017


Michelle – Passed November 2017

Eddie Munster – crossed over July 2018

Ziggy – crossed over December 2018

Ranger – crossed over September 12, 2019