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Winners Circle 2018

This area is reserved for animals who have shown dramatic improvement in a short period of time. These animals and their humans are definitely winners! Each member of the winner's circle gets a winner's medal and a certificate. Each year 1 or 2 animals are chosen as the most improved of the year.  


Meet Cleopatra, our most improved dog for May 2018. Cleopatra grew up with her "big sister" Sweet Pea. When Sweet Pea passed on, Cleo became the bully at doggy daycare. She grabbed and injured more than one dog. After a private session with Marie, Tyson, Buddy, Benji and Moira, Cleo learned that she is not the boss even if she is physically the biggest dog in the room. Cleo then came to reactive dog class to practice saying hello, and interacting with other dogs politely. Cleo says "Boy were those classes super intense. Dogs everywhere. In my face, behind my tail. circling around me...."  Miss Cleo was able to return to doggy daycare last week, and did nto pick a single fight.


                                                                                         Most Improved First Quarter 2018

Patrick & Avalanche

Avalanche was a rescue dog from Georgia. He never liked strangers and tended to challenge his "grandparents". In February, he decided the plumber did not belong in his house. He bit the plumber-repeatedly and drug him into the garage! Patrick called Marie and Tyson.

With dietary management, consistent leadership and LOTS of work/practice by Patrick and his family, Avalanche calmed down. He was able to stop wearing his muzzle and go walking with "grandma" with a head collar. Mr Matt helped Avalanche learn that guys " dressed like the unabomber" actually came equipped with lots of treats. Benji, Buffy, Moira and Ranger taught Avalanche that other dogs were allowed to walk by on leash, and did not need to be eaten. (I think that Avalanche is a little sweet on Moira.) 

When we presented Avalanche with his award, he met us at the front door, with no head collar (or muzzle) or leash. He stood politely for treats ad to receive his award.   

Dana and Gracie June

Gracie came to us in August of 2017 being fearful of strangers, especially men and children, and very leash reactive to other dogs. We worked with her at home, including changing her medication and diet.  Gracie learned to wear a head collar She learned how to focus and turn away from things that frightened her, and that other dogs did not greet each other in the face. She came to leash reactive class to practice her new skills, and then socialization class to learn how to make human and dog friends. Gracie continues to practice her new skills and make new friends. 

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