Winners Circle 2020

This area is reserved for animals who have shown dramatic improvement in a short period of time. These animals and their humans are definitely winners! Each member of the winner's circle gets a winner's medal and a certificate. Here are our Winners for 2020


Finn came to us after killing a loose cat. He was very fearful and barked at all strangers when we first met him. He hid behind his dad the first day of class. Finn tried to grab Henry (demo cat), but backed away when Henry hissed at him.  After working with Miss Marie and Sue, and of course Henry, and a lot of hard work by his dad Ben, Finn now allows people to appraoch him. He will take treats and allow people to pet him. And no more cat chasing!

Finn honored


Aspen was extremely fearful. She cowered from people, and was trembling the first few classes. With the help of an anti-anxiety supplementattendance in Good Manners and Canine Socialization classes, Aspen gained self confidence. She learned to trust her mom's judegment of strangers and accept treats when mom said it was ok. Aspen learned to walk calmly on a leash and actually began to enjoy her walks. 

Aspen wins most improved

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